Mesh-Look Outdoor Armchairs

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Mesh-Look Outdoor Armchairs
March 31, 2021

Often whenever you hear about “mesh” on outdoor furniture, the immediate thought that it is about the mesh fabric or sling fabric. Sling or mesh fabric are actually high-tech products made with developed technology then upholstered onto a furniture. On the other hand, high quality wicker furniture is usually hand-made and tightly weaved together with quality wicker, usually without any gaps, which defines its high quality. It is very hard to think that the concepts of “mesh” and wickerwork can be done together in this modern age.

Yet, Alma Plus has discovered outdoor mesh-look furniture that managed to merge these two concept qualities into beautiful outdoor armchairs. Not only they are statement about aesthetics, they are also astoundingly well made and sturdy.


Discover these outdoor mesh-look furniture, which are also suitable as patio and garden furniture:

Alma Plus Anyer Outdoor Armchair

Alma Plus Anyer Outdoor Armchairs — The Featured Mesh is Weaved Criss-Crossed into Triangles in Beige Colored Polyrod

The Alma Plus Anyer outdoor armchair has 3 kinds of weaving styles with polyrod. The number of weaving styles is the same for Legian and Papaya. It is made with iron structure with powder coat for outdoor protection and it has teak chair legs. It has a more straight back support profile, which made it suitable for dining areas. It also comes with seat cushion that is made with quick dry foam and Sunbrella® fabric.


Alma Plus Papaya Outdoor Armchair

Alma Plus Papaya Outdoor Armchairs — The Featured Mesh has Circular Holes in Black Colored Polyrod

The Alma Plus Papaya outdoor armchair looks like a cousin of Anyer, but its side and back profile are more slanted, making it look more laid-back and suitable for lounge areas or places that demand more relaxing mood. Another difference is that its structure is made with aluminum, making it high suitable for places with high salinity such as beach or coastal areas. It comes with seat cushion made with quick dry foam and upholstered with Sunbrella® fabric.


Alma Plus Legian Outdoor Armchair

Alma Plus Legian Outdoor Armchairs — The Featured Mesh is Weaved into Diamond Shapes in Beige Colored Polyrod

The Alma Plus Legian outdoor armchair has a semi-circular profile. Like the Anyer, it is protected with outdoor powder coat onto an iron structure. It also has teak chair legs. Seat cushion is included, made with quick dry foam and Sunbrella® fabric.


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