• 20 October, 2016
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A lot of people underestimate the technical needs of high quality for outdoor furniture. Be it the materials used for outdoor furniture, or the amount of effort or technology used to make outdoor furniture, they have to be on the higher specifications if they were to last, particularly if they are used for the contract market.

In the past, top-quality outdoor furniture was about wicker furniture, which is still today labor intensive and were initially based on natural fibers. It eventually adapted to that of synthetic wicker. The evolution of outdoor furniture materials continued with synthetic composite material infused with the latest polymer technology: the outdoor mesh fabric or sling fabric was born.


Outdoor Furniture with Sling Fabric

The use of sling fabric has since evolved into many uses not just for furniture. Many outdoor applications on landscape and architecture also uses the outdoor mesh fabric or sling fabric. This proves that sling fabric is highly durable and made for strength, and is equally suitable as an outdoor fabric for outdoor furniture.

Here are found benefits of using sling fabric for outdoor furniture:

Benefit #1: Variety of Assorted Colors and Textures

Sling outdoor furniture can come with wide variety of vibrant colors, even color combinations, thicknesses and textures. Sling furniture with aluminum or stainless steel structure, can give any outdoor living a more modern and vibrant look. This is in contrast to the use of wicker outdoor furniture which are more for people looking for natural colors and volume for their landscape.

Benefit #2: Water Goes through Outdoor Sling Fabric Easily

One of the strongest feature and benefit of using outdoor sling is its ability not to hold any water. The mesh allow for quick pass through of rain water and dries easily out in the sun. Also, it can be easily clean with quick spray hose down any dirt. It is highly suitable for the tropics and extremely wet season.

Benefit #3: Well-tensioned Sling Does Not Break Easily

Contrary to certain perceptions, well-tensioned sling is tough on normal use and does not break easily. An end user whom has keys in their back pockets should not make a hole out of a good quality sling furniture. This shows that outdoor sling furniture is durable.

Benefit #4: Provides “Cushioning” and Comfort

Well-tensioned sling furniture provides a sense of “cushion” and is comfortable; good quality sling furniture does not overstretch (on a nano scale). This meant sling furniture may not need an additional cushion seat. However, customized upholstered outdoor cushion is also available by Alma Contract Singapore.

If you are looking for modern outdoor furniture with vibrant colors, with stainless steel or aluminum structures, do consider outdoor sling furniture. High bar stools with lesser weight are also available.


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