About Us

Inspired by the ever changing skyline of the sunny island Singapore, MONDECASA shines as world class manufacturer committed to create and develop original indoor and outdoor furniture and fittings with innovative designs for those who appreciate the finer things in life. MONDECASA furniture and fittings are ergonomically designed to allow users to experience the art of living in a lifestyle envied by many.

Our History

Where It All Began

“The living environment we create reflects the quality of the lifestyle we pursue.”

MONDECASA started with the partnership of two forward looking close friends from their university days sharing a love for nature and the outdoors. They set up a factory and began to produce resin wicker furniture in the mid 1990’s targeting the Commercial Furniture Singapore. Their work ethic and desire to build quality products quickly attracted many European Brand Names to their factory to have indoor furniture and outdoor furniture produced under private label.

The business grew over the past 15 years and now has a 3,000 strong team to help fulfil the demand for their furniture. Key to its progress is the continuous evolution of manufacturing and weaving techniques. Careful selection and training of expert craftsmen maintain the utmost quality in every chair, table and furnishing produced.

Adhering to strict and unbending quality assurance standards and selective material usage, MONDECASA has grown into a trusted supplier of indoor and outdoor furniture and fittings for numerous cafés, casino, restaurants, condominiums and commercial establishments both in Singapore and abroad.

MONDECASA’s collections are the results of passion and experience which will endure for years to come. Extending its founders’ love for nature in its products, MONDECASA does its part for the environment by using biodegradable materials in its manufacturing.

In the spotlight

As Featured In

We have been featured many times in the top selling magazines of Singapore

The brand

Our Goal

Our goal is to manufacture quality and trendy products that achieve international recognition from our discerning customers who shares our concern for the environment.

Our Mission

To be inspired by the beauty of nature, richness of cultures in the present global state and infuse the cohesiveness into city’s landscape, creating casual lifestyle experiences for those in search of sanctuary and tranquillity. MONDECASA aspires to be a notable contract furniture manufacturer and distributor in Singapore that offers value, style, quality and comfort in our indoor and outdoor furniture where our commercial and residential customers will appreciate and enjoy.

Our Vision

“Ever Changing, Always Fresh and Beautiful”

We are inspired by the Orchid flower and objects of our history and cultures. The beauty of the Orchid is the cornerstone of our design and manufacturing philosophy – ever changing, always fresh and beautiful, constantly evolving and charming, both mankind and the environment extending happiness, warmth and peace. Our passion for quality and the environment leads us to combine the use of environmental friendly raw materials with hand-crafted artistry in our manufacturing that are reflected in our products which we so proudly share and present.

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