The Allure of Aurum – Gold Class of Indoor & Outdoor Furniture

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The Allure of Aurum – Gold Class of Indoor & Outdoor Furniture
March 31, 2021

The allure of gold has long mesmerized the human cultures for centuries. Its color is a symbol of pinnacle excellence. Therefore, it is often used in works of art and designs to depict peak of achievement. In interior design memory, gold was used extensively with the Italian renaissance or French baroque styles; think of the infamous Palace of Versailles and Trump’s favorite style.

However, in a more modern and contemporary look, gold are used more simply and subtly where less is more, often accompanied or isolated with charcoal black or earth tones. After all, gold came from the Earth.

If you are looking for use of furniture with gold finishing as part of modern interior or exterior, we have the indoor and outdoor furniture just for you here.


Alma Plus Bengkulu Indoor Armchair

Alma Plus Bengkulu Indoor Armchair in Gold and accompanying earth tones

The Alma Plus Bengkulu indoor armchair is simple and classy, as it seems to encompass all of nature’s wonders into one. It has teak finishing for its armrests, leather for its seat and taupe colored soft fabric for its back cushion. And most importantly it is finished with quality gold powder coating structure with iron rod crafted in symmetry (white powder coating is also available).


Alma Plus Nayla Indoor Dining Table

Alma Plus Nayla Indoor Round Dining Table for up to four

The Alma Plus Nayla indoor round dining table is a solid piece, topped with mango wood tabletop in charcoal black color held up by strong iron table legs tinted in gold powder coat. It is great of dining for romantic two or a cross conversation of four persons. It can stand very well on its own to furnish any corridor, lobby, lounges or small meeting places.


Alma Plus Emerald Outdoor Dining Armchair

Alma Plus Emerald Outdoor Dining Armchair is well-curved

The Alma Plus Emerald outdoor dining armchair in gold is suitable for any outdoor theme in the dark, especial in the dimly lit garden, patio or by the pool. It is definitely well made as it is crafted and welded in its curves with iron rods and wired mesh for its seat back. Add a soft seat cushion in black; it will also look good and for indoors room settings.


Alma Plus SI 55 Outdoor Bar Chair

Alma Plus SI 55 Outdoor Bar Chair is quality welded

The Alma Plus SI 55 outdoor bar chair is designed in vertical lines and made strong with steel. It is also well fitted with upholstered outdoor black seat cushion. Its classy design allows a look through view of any nicely designed bar counter of the same color theme.


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