• 8 January, 2016
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Maintenance and cleaning is a daily essential upkeep of many business operations. This applies for the upholstery of indoor and outdoor furniture, especially for commercial and daily business use.

No furniture upholstery can go on forever without maintenance, therefore upkeeping of it is very important. Yet it is not as simple as it looks. Even the most seasoned commercial cleaning service provider may not be sure how to clean and maintain your furniture upholstery.

The right care with adequate amount of cleaning and maintenance not only prolongs the life cycle of your customer service assets, but also reduces risks of potential down time without damaging your upholstery. Therefore, there are some tips to bear in mind in cleaning and maintaining your quality upholstery on your furniture.

1. Vacuum your Upholstery Often

Furniture upholstery often accumulates substantial dust and dirt, not only from the general environment but also from your customers. Dirty accumulation in your furniture upholstery not only is unwelcoming for any customers, but also creates hygiene issues, especially in a restaurant/F&B setting.

Therefore, it is important to vacuum your furniture upholstery regularly. Cleaning off the dust and dirt first before any wet cleaning prevents making your furniture upholstery even dirtier and harder maintain in the future.

2. Cleaning Up Spills As Soon As Possible

It is advisable to always clean up any spills immediately that is liquid; be it food sauces, oil-based or other biological source like blood. The first step is to blot the spill/stain with a clean cloth by apply gentle pressure. Rushing in and rubbing beyond the stain area with a rough scrub or sponge would only cause the spillage to spread to a larger area, and may cause permanent damage.

3. Testing your Cleaning Solution First

You may have to work with a cleaning solution when cleaning up any dirt or spillage, but always determine if the solution can be used. Always seek cleaning advice information from the fabric manufacturer or the professionals you had purchased your furniture from; they should have tested the best effective cleaning solutions before.

The type of indoor or outdoor upholstery is one of the major factors in determining what type of cleaning solution you resort to. Another factor include the colour and dye used for your upholstery.

The rule of thumb is never to use any cleaning solution which you have no idea the effect of its consequences without professional advice.

Remember to pass down cleaning advice information to your cleaning service firm of the knowledge of cleaning and re-treatment requirements.

Consider the most effective methods, service providers and then you will be able to easily deal the upkeep of your furniture upholstery easily, prolonging your indoor and outdoor furniture’s life cycle.

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