• 4 January, 2017
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Unique outdoor furniture is hard to find. But there are always treasures somewhere around the world. Apart from typical looking outdoor furniture we generally see, its hard for establishments or homeowners to find unique outdoor 2-seater sofas. But at Alma Contract, we believe that we make an effort to seek, therefore we find. And occasionally, we do find unique outdoor treasures to be included under our Alma Plus range.

Comfortable but never out of style, these outdoor 2-seater sofas will fit the tastes of those whom have the time and special affinity for them (featured image on top, clockwise from top-left: Armadillo, Alicante, Xena, Bunaken and Maldive).

Let’s look at some of these unique outdoor sofas:

Alma Plus Armadillo Outdoor 2-Seater Sofa

almaplus-wk-armadillo-outdoor-sofa-640x480pxAlma Plus Armadillo Outdoor 2-Seater Sofa — 218 (L) x 100 (W) x 67 (H) cm


The Alma Plus Armadillo Outdoor 2-Seater Sofa stands out on its own. Its interlaced Sunbrella fabrics design makes the Armadillo as art to fit for any modern living. Being meant for outdoor use, its design allow rainwater to be drained while its quick dry foam allow itself to be dried. Its internal structure is made of aluminum, which made it light, strong and weather resistant against any rust.

The Alma Plus Armadillo Outdoor Sofa is definitely suitable for indoor hospitality lounges and living rooms of private homes.

Alma Plus Alicante Outdoor 2-Seater Sofa

almaplus-wk-alicante-outdoor-sofa-640x480pxAlma Plus Alicante Outdoor 2-Seater Sofa — 155 (L) x 74 (W) x 76 (H) cm

The Alma Plus Alicante Outdoor 2-Seater Sofa is inspired by the Spanish Mediterranean coastal living. Upholstered with Sunbrella fabrics and its armrest integrated with teak, the Alicante is designed to be sleek and modern for outdoor use. Made with quick dry foam and powder-coated aluminum structures, it is light, strong and good for any weather.

The Alma Plus Alicante Outdoor Sofa is also suitable for modern tropical resort indoor or outdoor which require a touch of nature to be part of their interior design.


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