• 4 December, 2015
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Mondecasa understands that you need to offer the very best to your customers and therefore you ought to have premium hospitality services at your disposal. Keeping in line with our values aligned to your needs, Mondecasa presents to you its internationally patented and award-winning table stabiliser, FLAT® Technology, which enables you to align tables instantly no matter what the surface might be.

Mondecasa understands this problem; not all tabletops are aligned evenly and easily together using conventional tables bases. This problem makes tables wobbly, which not only irritates diners but potentially spilling drinks and create unnecessary service recovery time for your service staff.

This understanding enables us to bring you a unique and innovative product, which makes it possible to align tabletops and to stabilize table bases with less manpower-time to fix the problem.

FLAT® Technology

FLAT® Technology is a leading edge innovation which is completely new in the industry. FLAT® Technology is integrated into table bases which requires no assembly and the table bases comes in various shapes and sizes suitable for any table tops.

How Does FLAT® Technology Work?

The FLAT® table base comes with a number of hydraulic pumps and series of minuscule pipes. These pumps pump up fluid to these pipes. There is a Patented Actuator Device or PAD present in FLAT® Technology table bases. This PAD gives an immediate response and as a consequence adjusts the table feet in such a manner that they become stable no matter what the surface may be. Furthermore, this technology allows your service staff to easily align multiple tabletops in an easy and swift manner.

Benefits of FLAT® Technology

Integrated Design
Seamless integrated table base with the FLAT® technology; no assembly required

Time Savings
Time is money — reducing complaints and service downtime means increasing productivity and saving labour costs.

Instant Stabilisation
It brings about an instant stabilization of the table.

Leveling & Adjustment
No matter how different the level of surfaces of tables might be, FLAT® Technology can align surfaces easily, simply by lifting the table.

The FLAT® SMART system deployed by FLAT® Technology is adaptable to change change is always ON and WORKING.

Engineered Durability
The product is of premium and exceptional quality owing to its dependable making up which comprises of polymers of a very high quality.

“4 X 4” on the Ground
Its advanced technology out paces the conventional modes of stabilization on any terrain or surface.