• 25 November, 2015
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At Mondecasa, we always believe the key quality values that any outdoor furniture that need to serve is its resilient against weather conditions, strength and durability of its design and engineering due to wear and tear of repeated use and lastly, its aesthetics.

Adhering to the same top quality principles, Mondecasa not only just bring to Singapore and overseas customers the very best and reputable European and American furniture brands of different styles and diversified range of products, but also developed its own Singapore quality brand, Mondecasa, with high quality materials and processes.

Strength and Durability of a Chair

The strength and durability of any furniture frame depends on the creation of the material, especially for metal alloys. It is even more important for chairs to be strong and durable which goes repeated use through sitting and bearing any user’s weight.


Spaghetti Collection by Mondecasa

Mondecasa chairs have its own strict index requirements of the aluminum alloy used for its manufacturing and goes through series of quality control including load tests. The aluminum alloy is hard for strength but also light, suitable for use in a chair. Further, the surface appearance and luster are checked to be free of any dents, scratches and scoring to ensure oxidation film is applied evenly across the metal surface in order to be corrosion resistant before any coating is applied.

Enter the Tiger Drylac® Powder Coating

All Mondecasa products that requires any specific colours and textures uses premium powder coating, such as Tiger Drylac® from Austria, giving any Mondecasa outdoor chairs further protection from corrosion, scratches and weather; the apex quality against any natural conditions of use. The consistent colour coating is applied to match any wicker colour before it is weaved or any Batyline® sling is crafted onto any outdoor dining chair, outdoor lounger or outdoor table, for a consistent designed product.

Close Up Surface

Premium Powder Coating on Mondecasa Furniture

Mondecasa can manufacture top quality customised outdoor furniture suitable for any outdoor patio of any restaurants, bars, bistro, hotels, resorts, cruise liners or even outdoor office gardens and balconies which can last for a longer time.

Find out more about our Mondecasa brand and other furniture range of products and other quality product brands here.