From the moment a guest steps into a hotel, they enter a world of sensory experiences. A blast of cool air, tuned to the perfect temperature, hits their skin. Mild undertones of floral spring and sandalwood waft through the lobby, lulling them into a state of relaxation. An ornate chandelier radiates a gentle glow across the marbled floors, beckoning guests in. THAT is the magic atmosphere that top-class hotels spend hundreds of thousands on ensure that their guests have nothing but the most excellent of receptions.

After all, first impressions can, and often do, make or break the business. With hotel guests especially fussy in Singapore, a modern cityscape famed for its hospitality and tourism, a seemingly minor change can potentially revolutionize the hotel industry as we know it. Here’s where the secret lies: the question begs itself- If first impressions on guests are so important, why don’t hotels focus more on the exterior of their properties?

I mean sure, hotel buildings can look glitzy and glamourous in their paintjob and architecture, but what about those that can’t?

This key strategy is something that any hotel can leverage on but is especially effective for hotels that weren’t multi-million-dollar artistic and architectural marvels.

Outdoor hotel furniture. Lightning in a bottle for a hotel to elevate itself above the rest. Excellent hotel furniture speaks volumes about the establishment. The problem is, indoor hotel furniture often requires potential guests to have a peek inside- without the initial pull of exterior brilliance from architecture or fame, most hotels in Singapore just don’t demand that kind of attention.

..But what happens if you throw in a few sets of thoughtfully-crafted, beautifully-veneered pieces of furniture out front?

Ultramarine Wicker from the Prestige line catalogue at

Have a pool for your hotel guests to enjoy in the summery Singapore weather outdoor? Why not set up some brilliant Wicker furniture by the poolside, to complement the atmosphere?

Modern Italian-made furniture by Gaggio, available at

What if you have a café out front? Well, why not adorn your hotel with outdoor café furniture made by Italian designers, the masters of alfresco?

No matter what the vibe or atmosphere of your hotel is, has the outdoor furniture made perfect to elevate the status of your hotel in an ever-competitive Singapore.

The simple and efficient brilliance of adding outdoor furniture to a hotel to draw in guests cannot be understated. In a country and industry where the customer is king, hotels in Singapore could easily leverage this one outdoor furniture hack to distinguish themselves from the swathes of competition around them.

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