• 14 February, 2017
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Grey is a “safe” colour as its dullness does not attract unnecessary attention on its own. Yet it provides a neutral contrast against other colors visually, to allow other colors to be highlighted. The grey shades offer the emotional cue of “coldness”, which is necessary and particularly used for any industrial interior design. On the practical side, grey hides any accumulating rust, dirt or dust, making wear and tear naturally assimilated within its color.

For outdoor furniture, the same practicality and aesthetics of the attraction of grey can also apply. With grey colored outdoor polypropylene (PP) chairs, the shape of chairs creates lines, shadows and patterns within its outdoor settings. With different multiple shades of grey and its own black shadows, the contrast of the tones not only can add primeval depth within any interior design of any restaurants, cafés or homes, but also silhouette themselves visually for any good outdoor view by the city skyline at any balcony or any evening theme restaurant.

Grosfillex Milton Outdoor Armchair


The Grosfillex Milton Armchair looks basic and functional; it is made with poloypropylene (PP). This made it suitable for any outdoor dining settings under the sun and rain. It also can be easily cleaned. Its simple design allows for seat cushion to be place on its seat for added comfort. The Milton armchairs are stackable together when they need to be stored. And it has warranty against manufacturing structural defects for 5 years, the Milton armchair can definitely serve good for those whom want their focus elsewhere.

Alma Plus Horizontal Bars Back Outdoor Chair


The Alma Plus Horizontal Bars Back Chair design is simple and functional. With its horizontal bars at its back support, its outdoor design is no holds barred to ventilate anyone’s back in any hot weather. Made with polypropylene, it can bear any grey or dark weather, or a bit of dust and dirt, which can be cleaned with relative ease. Its slim tubes at the chair back allow you to bind back and seat cushions to improve any users’ overall comfort, while they enjoy their wine and dine.

Alma Plus Vertical Bars Back Outdoor Chair


The Alma Plus Vertical Bars Back Chair design looks it is cuffed for justice to be served. Its darkness is like justice is blinded herself. This lightweight polypropylene chair is suitable for any outdoor event. The chair is suitable to be covered with dark colored seat covers, so that it can be changed for another type of event based on your wildest fantasy.


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