• 7 December, 2015
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Mondecasa brings you premium outdoor and indoor furniture brands of high quality. Brands which continuously pursue quality beyond just functionality, and Gasser Chair has certainly achieved higher quality with MAS Certified Green Certificate of Compliance as Low VOC Emitting Furniture*.

We understand our customers want to provide the best hospitable environment but also realised that our customers care about the environment where their guests enjoy their venues. This prompted Gasser Chair to authenticate most of its furniture as Low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) emitting furniture, which includes club chairs, restaurant chairs, casino chairs and barstools.

Gasser Chairs not only gratify your aesthetics but also provides you luxurious comfort along with maintaining the indoor air quality of your environment.

Why is Low VOC Emissions Important?

A very notable trait featured by Gasser Chair is its ability of Low VOC emissions. In order to appropriately comprehend the gravity of this feature, it is important to understand what VOC basically is.

Substantial toxins are emitted from paints and finishes of furniture even for years after the application. These toxins are released in the first place owing to a number of VOCs. For better health reasons due to advancement of science, these compounds has been recommended to be lowered to reduce the risk to health due to toxins emitted by the VOCs.

With Gasser Chairs have now been awarded with the MAS Green Certificate of Compliance, Gasser Chairs now comes with a low VOC emissions feature*, therefore it maintains the indoor air quality of your environment.

Excellent Quality of Gasser Chairs

Having Gasser Chairs in your establishment serves as your commitment to your customers to provide excellent service and to have premium quality is fulfilled. Gasser Chairs are noted across the globe for the excellent quality and incredible comfort. Its elegant designs amalgamating contemporary conventions made to last, vindicating its premium quality for anyone.

This is why Gasser Chair is the King of Vegas: Gasser Chairs’ beautifully designed and durable seating are well-known to casinos, jackpot rooms, banquets and conference operations in hotels, integrated resorts, restaurants and bars, and also private and country clubs all around the world because they know they deserve the very best.

Find out more by enquiring with our experienced sales consultants at Mondecasa to know more about Gasser Chairs. We believe we can value-add to your customers’ service experience with our expertise and after-sales service.

*Excluding Gasser Chairs seating models with exposed wood components.