As an specialist doing outdoor furniture,  our company believes our customers deserve quality products from all over the world.

Introducing Jardinico, a well-known manufacturer of quality sunshade products from Belgium, with more than a decade experience. Its wide array of outdoor umbrellas and sunshades are made for poolside, al fresco dining and beach settings.

It has different forms, shapes and colours, with various pole types of free pole, centre pole or wooden pole with different winch systems, which are not only functional but its various shapes and colours give its style. Also available, are umbrella bases with different forms and materials, with or without wheels.

Jardinico Attitude


Antigua from Jardinico Attitude


The Jardinico Attitude is the range that provides for all your al fresco dining and poolside shades which is equally suitable for any designer home’s gardens, open lawns, balconies or penthouse rooftops. Free pole models that are suitable for poolside are Antigua, Mauritius, Aspen, Kingston and Manhattan, which are made of aluminium structure, with powder coating options or silver anodisation, depending on model.

With the exception of the Manhattan model, the other mentioned models above have flexible rib-ends, providing for closure of the umbrellas for keeping during extreme weathers.

To note, Mauritius can be fixed with LED lights, and hence enhancing night use for the umbrella.


Costa from Jardinico Attitude


Central pole models with adjustable rib ends such as Tiki Push-Up+ and Costa, are also suitable for gardens and balconies. If a wooden texture look is desired, Cuba made with eucalyptus wood will satisfy your visual needs in wooden-made architectural setting.

A wider outdoor umbrella shade is available; the Sombrero Jumbo is a bigger shade for your outdoor party people to crowd around



Laos Gazebo from Jardinico Attitude


Jardinico Attitude also offers sun coverings for more permanent positioned and larger setups. The Aura is suitable for long table settings while the Laos Gazebo has curtains to shield users from breeze or even drizzle.

To find out more details about Jardinico Attitude range, do download our catalogues or contact us for more information.

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