• 18 June, 2015
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Imagine the idea of having an alfresco lifestyle, sitting on your outdoor patio furniture while basking in the sun and sipping tea. But have you ever wondered how it would be like if you bring that alfresco lifestyle idea and your outdoor furniture indoors?

For most, incorporating outdoor furniture indoors might not be something that comes to mind naturally when selecting furnitures for your house. With the ample selection of choices, most of us would not place outdoor furniture as their first choice of furnishing indoors. However, consumers are beginning to see the beauty of incorporating outdoor furniture into their homes indoors.

Incorporating complimentary designs to your walls, flooring and aesthetics of the house can bring out the complete feel of having an outdoor furniture incorporated indoors. With the right design, a house can be developed into a resort feel which are both relaxing and welcoming. However besides the feel that you get from incorporating outdoor furniture indoors, there are also other underlining reasons that one can have as well. Here are some reasons that people opt to go for outdoor furniture as opposed to the traditional indoor furniture when furnishing their home indoors:

1. Having kids at home

Outdoor Furniture

Some of us might relate to this reason when having kids in your home. Especially for kids who are around the ages 3 – 6, that traditional expensive designer sofa they you saved so hard to buy can become something sad that you have gotten out of that cheap second hand sale after a reenactment of a war scene on your beloved designer sofa. Also kids who love arts & craft might have the desire to imprint their palm on your expensive designer sofa forever. However changing this scenario to outdoor furniture, you will be able to wipe clean the foreign substances without having to spend money to upholster your entire sofa. Outdoor furniture are also designed to withstand rain and some harsh elements outdoors which is an ideal furniture should you encounter any unexpected leaky situation or a leaky diaper for that matter without much issues. Even if all these situations do happen, at least you can be assured that the wear and tear of your outdoor furniture will not be substantial. The same definitely cannot be compared to the expensive designer sofa that you wished you had or in this case, you wished you didn’t had.

2. Cheaper Cost to Maintain

Outdoor Furniture

Without a doubt, comparing the price of a brand new set of designer sofa complete with a coffee table and the price of a brand new set of outdoor furniture complete with wicker table, the latter still win hands down in terms of pricing. Besides the cost to acquire, the cost to maintain an outdoor furniture is definitely way cheaper in the long run. Also, sales all year round at some outlets can give you a savings of up to 50%-70% off an entire brand new set of outdoor furniture which translates to substantial savings for your initial costs of furnishing your house. Even if you were to go for high end outdoor furniture, price wise will still be definitely cheaper than that indoor designer sofa that you have been eyeing since forever.

3. Timeless Look

Outdoor Furniture

Should you wish to change the look in your house in the future, the furnitures that are currently in your house must be taken into consideration to compliment the overall feel. For example, a white wicker can go nicely with certain sandy brown walls. Even though if there are any major changes to the design of the house, just replacing the cushion colour of the outdoor furniture will normally be good enough which really saves the hassle and cost of replacing the furniture in your house. Outdoor furniture are definitely versatile and provides basic, clean and ready characteristics to compliment most house designs.

4. Light and Easy to carry

When comparing the weight of any designer furniture as opposed to outdoor furniture, it is no brainer that outdoor furniture still wins hands down. Whether is transporting on your own after your purchase at the furniture shop or simply moving house, transporting the outdoor furniture is definitely easier and it saves the money for the movers to transport it for you. It can also be easily moved around the house whether you need to vacuum the house or simply to move it to any part of the house. Some of the outdoor furniture also comes in a box that is easily assembled with a bit of a patience and a screwdriver. This not only makes it easy to carry but also saves the cost of having a person to fix it up for you.

5. Using the Outdoor Furniture Outside!

Last but not least, outdoor furniture are designed to use outdoors! Unlike the typical indoor furniture which normally have a shelf life depending on how well you maintain it, outdoor furniture can have a very long shelf life with minimal maintenance. In the event that you still want to go for that indoor designer sofa that you have been eyeing forever, you still can transfer your outdoor furniture outside your house. If you do not have space which is what most people are experiencing now due to the space constraints of flats, you can either donate it to your friends who are planning to get furniture for their flat, donate to nursing homes or simply to give it as a gift to your newly-wed friends. The possibilities are endless!

With our lifestyles ever changing and consumers looking into a relaxed and resort feel, outdoor furniture market are set to grow and is definitely an exciting market. More and more new variations of outdoor furniture are entering the market with features like fire retardant, eco-friendly, using recycled materials or simply customizing your own. You will most certainly have no qualms in having outdoor furniture indoors.