How to enhance alfresco dining experience with the right outdoor furniture in your café?

Alfresco café offers an outdoor dining experience that customers will love and remember. With the right set of alfresco furniture, or outdoor furniture, you can transform your café to provide the best alfresco café experience that your customers deserve.

 Back to Fundamentals of Design: Consider your Audience

For the café owners out there, you’re looking to attract digital nomads, young adults, and families with children. Digital nomads may like the serenity of an alfresco setting. As they step away from their Zoom meeting to take a breather, the right set of café furniture can offer them the temporary escapism they need. The alfresco setting is also particularly popular amongst the young adults. Armed with their smartphone, they are always ready to snap the perfect picture that your café can provide. Going alfresco not only provide these millennials with natural sunlight that gives them the glow, your careful selections of café furniture will also serve as the perfect backdrop for their Instagram posts. Alfresco cafes can also be particularly popular amongst families who may feel that noise is more acceptable outdoors. If children and families are your target audience, you will always want your design to be family friendly. Outdoor umbrellas are popular for cafes catering to families, as adults can relax under the shade, and children can play freely while avoiding the blazing sun.

Rain is Grace: Plan your Café Furniture to be ‘weather-proof’

We can’t always guarantee that the weather will stay dry, and the last thing we want is to turn away customers because our outdoor areas are closed due to the weather. It’s worth planning your choice of outdoor furniture to make sure you can still house and serve your customers outdoor even when the weather is gloomy. With the Umbrosa® line of shade series, you will no longer have to worry that the rain will spoil the alfresco dining experience that you have wholeheartedly prepared for your beloved customers. These elegantly designed avant-garde shades will serve as your key outdoor furniture that will make your café ‘weather-proof’.

Your alfresco furniture also have to be weather-proof. Scrubbing mould off your outdoor furniture or covering them every night can be taxing, but they can also be avoided. Choose alfresco furniture made from materials such as Aluminium, synthetic rattan or plastic, as these furniture will need minimal care and attention. Consider our Grosfillex® Contract outdoor furniture – Made from resin, they are known to be all-weather resistant, so expect minimal maintenance for maximum style.

Getting into the Comfort Zone: Provide your Customers with the Best Physical Comfort

Style and comfort are never seen as a dilemma with Mondecasa. Not convinced? Take a look at our outdoor classical furniture collections by Pavilion®. Take the comfort outside with Pavilion® furniture as you can bask in the sun and dine in luxury whilst having maximum comfort feeling like a Victorian royalty. Our catalogues of modern alfresco furniture also consists of a range of comfortable outdoor furniture to suit your alfresco café comfort needs, if going classical ain’t your style.  

With Mondecasa, you no longer have to sacrifice aesthetics and comfort simply because you are outside. View our range of outdoor furniture and other quality product brands here.

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