• 23 June, 2015
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Some might feel that throwing an ‘Outdoor Party’ in Singapore might seem daunting given our current climate and the unpredictable weather. Yet for most of us, we still spend a considerable amount of time to have BBQ outdoors, relaxing and socializing. From the regular Downtown East BBQ locales, the BBQ pit below our house to our outdoor gardens, we are always having that burning desire to create an outdoor space where we can socialize, have a get together session with our families, sipping wine outdoor like a boss, napping on that lounge bench or just simply enjoying the view. So for those of you who are alright with just going to those regular locales to have your outdoor fun, good for you. However for those who have the space for such functions, we look at some ways that can help you create an outdoor entertainment space in your garden with the right outdoor furniture.

1. Shelter and Shade

Outdoor Furniture Singapore

The most important element of the outdoor space is to have a good shelter for that brief interludes when the heat of the sun comes blistering down on the party or that bird who decides to drop the bomb at your party, you will be assured that the likelihood of that happening is low.

Outdoor Furniture

Infina® by Umbrosa is a parasol shelter that is not only visually restful, but also scores significantly better than most traditional parasol in the market in terms of wind resistance. It also has clear evidence that aesthetics can indeed be combined with sustainability. It is made of durable Belgium quality with reliable functionality and an ingenious shade design that gives the ultimate finishing touch in your garden or on your terrace.

Characteristics of the Infina® are:

1. Easy to open with rope pull;

2. Easy to “hide” the rope in pole;

3. Stainless steel cables support the ribs;

4. Movable base;

5. Smart Design;

Outdoor Furniture

Paraflex® by Umbrosa brought the traditional parasol design into question and designed a parasol brace for mounting on walls or the sides of poles. This results in a strong, light and space-saving solution that provides maximum shade thanks to its adjustable arm. After more than 12 years in the market, Paraflex has become a timeless parasol that is proving its worth around the world everyday.

Characteristics of the Paraflex® are:

1. Movable shade

2. 30 degrees tilt

3. High quality frame

You can view more series of Umbrosa below:

2. Comfortable Seating

Tables and chairs are definitely a necessity as most outdoor gathering revolves around these outdoor furnitures. Choices of materials range from teak, wicker to the usual stainless steel mix chairs and tables for the outdoor furniture range. Having to come from a country that is hot all year round, your outdoor furniture needs to be tough and be able to withstand the heat.


Outdoor Furniture

If you are going for Teak Material outdoor furniture, you will need to search for one that is hard-wearing and is able to withstand the climate. Below are some teak outdoor furniture that you may consider for your outdoor table and chair furniture:

Comforteck Folding Chair & Folding Table Picnic Square by Triconville

Triconville’s Teak Outdoor Furniture Collection is made of a close grained hardwood with a high natural oil content. It is highly resistant to rotting and almost impervious to the effects of sun, rain, frost or snow. All these characteristics makes it an ideal timber for all outdoor applications. In the market, many other hardwoods are used in the construction of the outdoor furniture and some are even marketed as “teak substitutes”. However, many fail to realize that there is no substitute for teak and no other hardwood can perform the same standards as teak in outdoor conditions.


Wicker furniture are mostly hand woven outdoor furniture that are highly flexible, UV and water resistant. Triconville’s Wicker Outdoor Furniture Collection is hand woven with Viro® and Rehau™ fiber which are both premium synthetic Polyethylene fibers. Besides the usual resistant properties that are present in both fibers, this fiber is also designed to be insensitive to temperature differences ranging between -25 degrees celsius to 70 degrees celsius. It is also 100% recyclable and resistant to chlorine and salt water which makes it washable and almost maintenance-free. Below are some outdoor wicker furniture that you may consider for your outdoor tables and chair:

Monaco Dining Arm Chair

Outdoor Furniture


Triconville’s Monaco Series All Weather Series Collection is a detailed all weather wicker Kubu Grey that is devoted to a sophisticated process which gives an aged look and feel, like the natural and authentic appearance. The ‘Monaco Dining Arm Chair‘ combined with the ‘Dusun Recycled Garden Table 240‘ gives it a vintage look if you are looking towards a combination of wicker and teak outdoor furnitures. To further up the ante, you can incorporate cushions and chair pads that will create the ultimate outdoor dining comfort.

Calla Table 210 x 90


Outdoor Furniture

However, if you are looking for a full wicker combination of outdoor furniture, Triconville’s Windsor Series Collection is made with 7MM all weather wicker available in 6 different colors. This ‘Calla Table 210 x 90‘ is an economical made table yet it is constructed with high quality materials that are available in the market.

Stainless Steel Mix

Outdoor furniture also come in a mixture of metal to provide a better performance. Triconville’s Stainless Steel Mix collection uses #304 grade stainless steel in their products. Containing a minimum of 18% chromium and 8% nickel to retain an austenitic structure at all temperatures, grade #304 is the most versatile and the most widely used of all stainless steels. The amount of chemical composition, mechanical properties, weld ability and oxidation resistance provides the best all-round performance stainless steel. Below are some stainless steel mix outdoor furniture that you might consider to have:

Signature Front Slide Extension Table

Outdoor Furniture

Triconville’s Signature Front Slide Extension Table uses an innovative front slide mechanism which is developed in Germany. Its practical, easy to use, light and elegant feature gives this dining table a must have for most garden, patio or even your dining room indoors. Compliment the whole look with the ‘Rivera Folding Chair‘ and it suddenly becomes the attraction for your party.

3. Accessories

Lastly, the whole concept of a party wouldn’t be complete without the BBQ Pit and lighting to bring out the full experience of the party.

If you are looking at having a portable BBQ Pit that is portable and light, you can visit ‘BBQ Singapore’ at bbqsingapore.sg. Ranging from BBQ equipments to accessories, you will be spoilt for choice and the best thing of all? It delivers straight to your house!

For lighting, do visit IKEA as they bring in nice LED decoration lighting to make your party alive!

Whether if its just chilling out with your love ones with the comfortable outdoor furniture or cooking up a storm with your portable BBQ Pit, with the above tips, you will definitely be able to entertain in style.