• 19 November, 2015
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Mondecasa recognises and realises the fact that customers with an affluent taste prefer to enjoy the pleasure of basking in the sun in not only a comfortable manner but also in a luxurious one. Mondecasa knows how to cater to these whims and desires which ask for elegance, sophistication and classical ambience. For this very reason, Mondecasa has come forward with Pavilion® outdoor furniture, which is meant to satiate very appetite for the classical luxury.

Traditional Outdoor Luxe

Pavilion® furniture is one of its kinds since it encompasses all those traits which are desired for in any piece of outdoor furniture. Designed with the right curves and finishing to portray grace, inviting people to seek comfort, conjugating the traditional classical Old World outdoor look, suitable for any sophisticated venue.


Portico Collection by Pavilion


Pavilion® furniture is not only suitable for indoor but also outdoor, which would make you want to enjoy its comfort and elegance for hours on end. With the various ranges of outdoor lounge chair and outdoor sun bed would want you to bask in sunlight and feel at home, will attract anyone with its classical grace. The outdoor chaise lounge chairs and poolside chairs are also equally inviting to get anyone to sink into their relaxing comfort and warmth.

Award-Winning Quality

The precision engineering of well-skilled welding with the frames made of cast aluminium; the furniture frame is warranted to be durable for a lifetime, pledging safety and reliability of the Pavilion® furniture.

Pavilion® furniture is a made in U.S.A. product which has been well-known in the furniture industry for over 50 years, known for its premium quality and strong values. Regularly nominated for the ‘Manufacturer of Year Award’ time to time, is the proof of Pavilion® furniture true to its core value of being exceptional.


Pallas Athene Collection by Pavilion

Mondecasa recommends to anyone who needs exclusive classical elegant furniture to have Pavilion®, which is suitable for their outdoor patio, poolside or garden to enjoy the lush of the outdoor warmth or the cush and comfort of any indoor settings.


Furniture Singapore Pavilion

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