• 28 September, 2016
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Powder coating finishes provide protective and decorative value to outdoor furniture made of aluminum structures. Powder coat finishes are very durable. However, it does not mean powder-coating finishes would not require any maintenance. The outdoor environment consists of not only just weathering of sun and rain but also pollution. Even bird droppings that fell onto powder-coated finishes can do permanent damage if they are not cleaned up quickly.

A simple and regular care and maintenance program not only reduces the damage done to your power-coated outdoor furniture, but can prolong the use of your outdoor furniture, from may double or triple the powder-coatings’ effective service life.

Regularity for Maintenance

The effects of ultra violet light from the sun, pollutants from the general environment and airborne salt deposits can all accumulate over time and should be removed and cleaned at periodically.

Generally, cleaning should be scheduled quarterly ion a year. In environments where effects of pollution are more prevalent, such as beach, dense urbanized areas with heavy traffic or geothermal areas, cleaning program should be scheduled more frequently say from 1-2 months.

Pressure Cleaning

One of the most efficient methods in cleaning powder-coated outdoor furniture surfaces is the use of pressure washer using filtered water under low pressure. Never use chlorine or any other cleaning solutions with harsh and corrosive chemical properties even if they are mild. Use mild detergent instead.

When doing pressure cleaning, it is very important that low pressure be used. If the pressure is too strong to even move any furniture, it is most probably be strong enough to damage the finish as well. Avoid using unfiltered water (rain water or ground water) as it often cause stains on outdoor furniture. It is recommended to use filtered water to clean and rinse powder-coated furniture whenever possible.

Cleaning Agents

As mentioned, cleaning agent should use just mild detergent that is pH neutral. Apart from using mild detergent, complementing with warm water can also improve the cleaning effectiveness. Never use solvents for cleaning, as it would damage the powder-coated finish.

Do remove any loose surface deposits or contaminants using soft cloth, sponge or brush prior before cleaning. Never use abrasive or soft abrasive powders and liquid, steel or Teflon pads. Also, do not use hard bristle brushes. These agents will damage and create scratches on your powder coating.

Chip and Scratches

Powder-coated finishes can be scratched or chipped. These are due to high frequent use or even abuse by end users. If a scratch does happen, do seal it with a matching paint. Seek advice from the originating manufacturer or from trusted contract furniture specialist.

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