Chic. Modern. Minimalist. Comfy. These are but some of the words that come to mind when one thinks of the meaning behind the Café experience. For the café-hopper, this means more than just a delicious cup of coffee or a decadent slice of cake for your sweet tooth; the café is more than just a place- it’s a way of life. For the best of cafés, this means the ultimate in comfortable, stylish café furniture. There’s an art- a silent beauty in café furniture that elevates it past being ‘just a table’ or ‘simply a chair’. Café furniture embodies a sense of home comfort in the outside space. To any café worth its salt, excellent café furniture is a must-have in creating that special home-away-from-home environment that will get their customers coming back for more. As it so happens, we’ve got THE selection of premium café furniture brands compiled just for you. Here’s a selection of some of our favourites:


Italian furniture designer Pedrali’s the go-to when it comes to Italian café furniture. What better culture to draw your inspiration from than the Italians- the legendary craftsmen of the first espresso? Pedrali’s taken time-honored Italian café furniture-making design sensibilities and propelled them into the future. The light pastel colors of their furniture (seen above) keep your space beautiful yet casual, incorporating the Italian concept of Caffè al banco, or ‘coffee at the bar’.


Does your café specialize in the alfresco? Well al-fret-not. With café furniture made specifically to complement the beautiful outside atmosphere, VONDOM’s a specialist when it comes to outdoors dining and lounging experiences. The set above features sturdy, lightweight pieces crafted to allow customers to fully enjoy the cool summer air with their meal.

Kun Design

Want something a bit more universal then? Try Kun Design. Their functional pieces take on European design sensibilities and mold them with a clean, minimal focus. The use of clean, light and cool tones brightens up any space and results in café furniture that’s as pleasing to look at as it is to use. With a set up like this, it’s easy to imagine setting up these tables and chairs both outdoors and indoors. Designer Kun Qi imbues the sensibilities of home comfort and the aesthetic minimalism of contemporary design into his works, and inspirations from Swedish and Neatherlandic sophistication are seen through the café furniture.

You can check these brands out and more at our products page. We’ve for the scoop for you when it comes to café furniture. Whether it’s casual, fun indoor dining, cozy lounging over a hot cuppa with friends or the alfresco experience your customers are on the lookout for, we’ve got the designer café furniture for the job. You’ll never have to settle for less when it comes to providing the very best for your customers and your café.

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