The Colonial Black & White – Indoor & Outdoor Furniture

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The Colonial Black & White – Indoor & Outdoor Furniture
March 31, 2021

The black and white colors are absolute contrast. When used wisely, it can portray distinct style. One of the most popular uses of these colors was during the Imperial British colonial period in Malaysia and Singapore during the early 20th century. During the colors started a trend of colonial Anglo-Malay style bungalows based on dark timber beams and whitewashed walls. Alfred John Bidwell for the W. Patchitt House at Cluny Road, Singapore first designed it in 1903.

This distinctive style has been part of Singapore historic architectural scene and the black and white bungalows still exist today. Although most are government owned, and some became avenues for restaurants and bars. The remaining bungalows continued to be popular, serving mainly expatriates on lease or private homeowners whom love their open and spacious design. Some come with large verandahs, which provides for afternoon coolness to enjoy the great outdoors.

For those who appreciate the colonial black and white style, we have modernized indoor and outdoor furniture with the black and white hues that can continue to emphasize and match the this traditional style.


Alma Plus Quinn Outdoor Sofa Seats & Lounge Chairs

Alma Plus Quinn Outdoor Sofa Seats in 3-Seater (Top) or 2-Seater (Bottom)


The Alma Plus Quinn seats is highly suitable for outdoor areas such as patio or balcony big or small. The Quinn is available in 3-seater or 2-seater sofa, as well as lounge chairs of standard height or high back. They are made with synthetic wicker and aluminum structure powder coated, and also comes with upholstered seat and back cushions. As such, they are comfortable, lighter in weight and durable for the outdoors.

Alma Plus Quinn Outdoor Lounge Chairs — Standard Height (Left) and High-Back (Right)


When match with the Alma Plus Patih outdoor dining chairs below, they can make a consistent of black and white look. Match them up with outdoor furniture with vertical lines can help to maintain visual spaciousness.


Alma Plus Patih Outdoor Dining Chairs

Alma Plus Patih Outdoor Dining Chairs in Black and White


The Alma Plus Patih outdoor dining chair is a sister model with Quinn. The only difference is, besides the standard black and white color, it is also available in orange or yellow. Similarly, the Patih outdoor dining chairs are also made with synthetic wicker and aluminum structure powder coated, and comes with upholstered seat cushion. Its lightweight makes shifting at dining tables a breeze.


Alma Plus Elcho Indoor Lounge Chairs

Alma Plus Elcho 1 (Right) and Elcho 2 (Left) Indoor Lounge Chairs


The Alma Plus Elcho 1 and Elcho 2 indoor lounge chairs are distinctively South-East Asian in black and white natural rattan with its structure made with teak. Its diagonal patterns in alternate black and white make each piece outstanding on its own. They are suitable for any South East Asian themed interior design and tropical humid environment. However, it is recommended for only indoor use.


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