High-End Outdoor Puff / Ottomans

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High-End Outdoor Puff / Ottomans
March 31, 2021

Many people often focus on outdoor furniture that chairs or sofas made of slingwicker or other soft fabrics. But rarely, people often thought of outdoor puffs or ottomans, which can bring about a more casual and inviting setting for the outdoors as well, such as the patio or the balcony.

For big ottomans, add on a few small cushions and have some end or coffee tables nearby, and it becomes a great centre piece and place for friends and family to chat and chill with a couple of drinks.

Alma Plus Nobi and Dora Outdoor Puffs with Alma Plus Nusa Penida End Tables Well Fitted Together

Alma Plus has high-end puffs / ottomans are specially upholstered to be pair off with specially designed end tables as such they look like a combined set. This make them great for public area and lounges for end users to gather or work, using the end table to put their drinks or laptop.

Let us look at some of the outdoor puffs that are available with Alma Plus:


Alma Plus Nobi Outdoor Puff

The Alma Plus Nobi Triangular Outdoor Puff

The Alma Plus Nobi outdoor puff is triangular and upholstered with the popular and high-quality outdoor furniture fabric from Sunbrella®. Imagine if you have 2 or 4 of them together in different configurations in an area, yet they can offer an open and welcoming place for people to gather and sit together yet sub-consciously define and isolate an outdoor space.


Alma Plus Dora Outdoor Puff

The Alma Plus Dora Round Outdoor Puff

The Alma Plus Dora outdoor puff is the rounder cousin of Nobi and also upholstered with Sunbrella® fabric. It is suitable for outdoor places, which demands a more zen-like look. You can also pair it off with outdoor sofas as such it becomes an ottoman not only for people to sit but also for sofa users to rest their fit. Sewed with a handle by the side, this makes the Dora puff / ottoman, a flexible furniture.


Alma Plus Matahari Outdoor Puff

The Alma Plus Matahari Round Outdoor Puff

The Alma Plus Matahari Outdoor Puff is not just simply round. The way it is upholstered allows fine lines to converge at the centre like a pie chart. It is well-made with aluminum structure inside and upholstered with quick dry foam and Sunbrella®.


Alma Plus Snoopy Outdoor Puff

The Alma Plus Snoopy Round Outdoor Puff comes with a Handle

The Alma Plus Snoopy outdoor puff is as cute as its name and makes you want to carry it home. It is designed for a single end user who might be fussy of their position around an outdoor coffee table. If you choose to, it can also become a side or end table to use your laptop or smart devices at a comfortable lounge.

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