• 2 September, 2016
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Al fresco dining settings for restaurants and cafés often have outdoor umbrellas to extend dining capacities. However, for many condominiums and private apartments’ open dining areas such as BBQ areas, a lot of outdoor furniture is simply left in the open with no shade.

As such, especially during Singapore weekends and holidays, many condo homeowners and residents often opt for air-conditioned indoor areas to party in clubhouses or function rooms, to avoid the blazing sun; function rooms are often over-booked, leaving many disappointed without alternatives, increasing dissatisfaction with the condo management team.

Investing in proper outdoor umbrellas and shades, and subsequently charging rental fees can alleviate capacity issues and recover initial investment costs but also improve the lifestyle of homeowners without increasing dissatisfaction, which is a desired goal of condo management and committee of homeowners.

Open Lifestyle Attitude

What is a party in a condo estate without using all the facilities within including poolside, BBQ areas and function rooms?

A lot of residents and guests have such mentality and attitude, which made it more important for these places of gathering as equal interest than just the BBQ areas by the function rooms.

This is great for any condo community to gather and get to know each other. Spread of use across these facilities also helps optimize usage, reducing the frequency of maintenance for any particular facility.

Therefore, it is particularly important to make every party space comfortable for any daytime or even nighttime party, so it is always best to include some outdoor umbrellas and shades for these facilities and spaces to shield away from the elements of sun and wind or even occasion falling debris from a nearby tree.

Kingston Free Pole Umbrella from Jardinico Attitude

To accommodate a party with many people, larger outdoor umbrella are recommended to provide as much shade for as many people as possible. Free pole umbrellas fixed with swivel casters provides for the flexibility to shade swimmers from too much sun in the pool as well as mobile to shift it the poolside over sun loungers or outdoor dining tables and chairs.

Sombrero Jumbo Central Pole Umbrella from Jardinico Attitude

Certain open spaces can be converted and transformed into alternative gathering spaces by the nearby pond or lush greenery, complemented with inviting outdoor muffin or ottoman seats, or even outdoor bean bag.

Temporary Set Up Solutions

Temporary solutions with quick set up of tent-styled or gazebo-styled sun covering can provide sun or even weatherproofed shade for important scheduled family dates such as wedding or baby showers, which cannot be changed.

Aura Sun Covering from Jardinico Attitude

Such temporary provisions are an alternative investment to increase space use within any private estate than just having function rooms as the only solution.

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