• 29 November, 2016
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For many condominium home owners in Singapore, the balcony is one of the least thought about living spaces they think about their outdoor lifestyle. Some real estate agents joked, “Singapore’s balconies are for hanging for their laundry.” The truth cannot be more real.

However, condo homeowners need to realize that, since they had invested a premium to buy their balcony space, homeowners should enjoy the casual living space of their balconies.

Understanding the limitations of small outdoor balcony space, outdoor furniture for balcony had to compact and easy to keep, allowing for an outdoor relaxing space while they able to be stored easily allow for laundry space when in need.

With a simple outdoor foldable table and a couple stackable and lightweight outdoor plastic chairs, are all the no-frills balcony outdoor furniture that you need to start your morning with a nice cup of coffee on your balcony. An example is as featured in the image above, with Grofillex Sunday Armchairs and Xone foldable table base with Blanc Compact Top.

Below are some options of no-frills outdoor furniture for your balcony you can choose from for your new 2017.

1) Alma Outdoor Foldable Table Bases

alma-contract-outdoor-furniture-foldable-table-base-640x480pxAlma Outdoor Foldable Table Bases with 3-Leaf, 4-Leaf or Boomerang Base Leg

For foldable table bases to be outdoor, they must be made of aluminum, with the option of powder-coated finishing. Alma outdoor foldable table bases are not only just foldable, the table base legs are designed to be kept for storage while designed to be elegantly curved. So even when seen afar, it is an art on its own.

2) Isotop® Sliq Compact Outdoor Table Top

isotop-sliq-compact-outdoor-furniture-compact-table-top-640x480pxIsotop® Sliq Compact Outdoor Table Top in Cement or Plum Natural Colors

Isotop® Sliq Compact comes with a dry matte finish in either cement or plum natural colors, with a compact thickness for a sleeker and more elegant look. Its heat resistance and damp proof qualities made it great for outdoor weather that continuously prevents warping. It is also both stain and scratch resistant, therefore it is not afraid any spills from coffee, tea or wine, or normal use scratch from sliding crockery. As such, it requires minimum maintenance.

3) Grosfillex PP Plastic Outdoor Chairs

Grosfillex Outdoor PP Chairs/Armchairs — Well-Designed for Balcony or Even Indoors
(Clockwise from top-left: Sunday, Moon, Urban and Milton)

Grosfillex chairs/armchairs are made of polypropylene (PP), which is a kind of thermoplastic or plastic highly suitable for outdoors. They are well-designed plastic outdoor chairs made from France, which are equally suitable for indoor use as well.

With its unique selection of colors while being lightweight and stackable, they will be welcoming seat not only for homeowners but also guests especially during the festive seasons. Where they can be easily cleaned and neatly stacked in your small storeroom after any party is over.

Grosfillex Factory Outdoor PP Chair & Armchair with GX Technology
for a more Comfortable Flexi Back Support

For more comfort sitting on a longer time, such as for fun gaming activities like board games or card games, The Grofillex Factory chair and armchair’s GX technology design is able to provide a flexi back support for better comfort and ventilation.


Sample Grosfillex PP chairs are available at our showroom or download our Grofillex Catalogue 2016 here.

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