• 21 July, 2015
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Every now and then, we come into a point in life where we need to make smart decisions. Whether if you are looking at purchasing a brand new outdoor furniture or contemplating on getting a second hand one, it will be good to know just what are the important information you will need to know before making those decisions.

Making a decision to transit into getting outdoor furniture for your indoor living area or having a wonderful alfresco area outdoors, do require proper allocation planning of your resources. Understanding the different quality of outdoor furniture can mean the difference between having to pay more or less in the long term. So let us look at 10 useful tips when you are spending your hard earn money on some good outdoor furnishings.

1. Good Quality

Whether if you are looking at purchasing a brand new outdoor furniture or a second hand piece, it is prudent to inspect the furnishings for any obvious cracks, amateurish paint job or cheap quality materials as a bad buy can set you up for more costly replacements in the future. The mindset of purchasing an indoor furniture should also apply the same when purchasing for an indoor furniture even though they might cost relatively cheaper. Some of the common types of outdoor furniture are normally able to handle the outdoor elements, but do inspect the outdoor furniture’s condition before investing your hard earn money. 

2. Form Factor Follows Functionality

Evaluate the need for that outdoor furniture that you are purchasing. Whether if you are looking to replace your bulky indoor furniture for a lightweight outdoor furniture so that cleaning your house is easier or creating an outdoor party can make a difference to your buying decisions. Choosing the right materials for your outdoor furniture are also important as it will determine whether it requires alot or minimal maintenance. Some materials that are common for outdoor furniture are:

  • Wood – Ranging from Teak, Cedar, Acacia, Redwood to even Cypress, each wood has its own characteristics and maintenance methods. If you are looking at a highly durable wood outdoor furniture, go for Teak. However if your budget is tight, the rest of other wood types are also budget friendly. 
  • Rattan or Wicker – Rattan is a material made out from Tropical Palm Trees and is relatively affordable to the price conscious consumer. Wicker on the other hand, is more of a process that has a combination of materials which in some cases includes Rattan. You may want to visit my other blog post to find out more.
  • Plastic, PVC and Aluminium – Relatively lightweight and is rust resistant, it is also inexpensive and requires minimal maintenance. Soap and water maintenance will do just fine.
  • Iron & Steel – Heavy duty and it can easily turn rusty if not maintained on a regular basis. One of the less popular choices as it is much more pricey and the regular maintenance can become a hassle.


3. Size and Comfort

When choosing your ideal outdoor furniture, it is advisable to test and feel if it suits your comfort level. If your family members are together with you, all the more better as they can take turns to feel if its suits them since they are also the ones who are mostly enjoying the comfort of these outdoor furniture.

As the sizes for outdoor furniture varies, be sure to test it to make sure that at the end of the day, you will not need a chiropractor to adjust your spine just because you have been decided to purchase an uncomfortable outdoor furniture. Add a few lightweight and springy filler cushions to up the comfort of your outdoor furniture. Remember to test those outdoor furniture you have in mind before purchasing.

4. Shelter and Shade

In Singapore with the weather relatively hot all year round, your families and guests will thank you for that wonderful shade that you incorporate with your outdoor furniture. Whether if it is a self deployed shade or a permanent fixture, making such arrangements will definitely be a decision that you cannot go wrong. You may consider Umbrosa® line of shade series:

  • Eclipse ®

Outdoor Furniture

  • Icarus®

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  • Infina®

Outdoor furniture

  • Paraflex®


5. Flexible Furnishings

Do you have that furniture or leg rest that everyone in the house is vying to use? Having flexible outdoor furniture is also the same as such furnitures can be easily moved around to accommodate many people. Besides the usual chairs and shades, adding some flexible outdoor furniture like wheeled carts that transports your BBQ food and that set of teapots that you will be using for your high tea with your guests or that extendable table to accommodate more guests can actually increase that alfresco experience.

6. Sales and Bargains

You know that yearly sales that COURTS or Harvey Norman always have that are on TV and newspaper advertisements? Follow them! All of us love a bargain especially when you get that same outdoor furniture that you have been eyeing since its launch for a heavily discounted price!

Prices for outdoor furniture can sometimes be as low 40 percent off the original listed price during the Great Singapore Sale. Alot of large chain stores in Singapore have stocks that changes with the season which sometimes need to be cleared for new stocks to come in. You may also ask the store manager if they might throw in additional discount or some freebies to go along with it. Ask and you might receive.

7. Integrate with Colour Schemes

You have finally chosen your ideal outdoor furniture after testing it, checking the quality and is one of the best deal that you can get. Before you head to cashier to make your payment, do check if the colour of that outdoor furniture fits with the aesthetics of your living space. You do not want to encounter an issue where your outdoor furniture sticks out like a sore thumb in the middle of your living space. Integrating the colours of the outdoor furniture with your living space is definitely an element you will need to consider before making your purchase.

8. Plan your space

Just like all furnishings you have in your house, it is equally important to measure the space that you need to set aside. Such plannings can minimize alot of unforeseen issues like insufficient walking space or cluttered and crammed living space. A simple measurement of the actual space and the type of outdoor furnishings that you have in mind to incorporate can make space planning easier.

Equipping yourself with the above tips can make a difference between investing in a good outdoor furniture that is able to last long as opposed to one that is unable to sustain in the long term. Remember, proper planning is very important and if done correctly, you definitely will enjoy that decision you made to purchase that outdoor furniture.