Ever wondered into an outdoor furniture shop wanting to get some durable wood benches but is totally clueless? Depending on your needs, not all wood are created equal if you compare different wood benches to year-round outdoor performance. Especially if you are looking at durable and weather resistant characteristics, it is good to understand that not all wood carries those characteristics. Some wood materials are able to withstand drenching rains and the harsh rays of the sun but majority of the wood in the market are not able to handle such elements.

If you are looking for a durable and weather resistant outdoor wood bench furniture, it is good to choose wood materials that are made of natural wood and possesses chemical compounds that are also resistant to bug infestations, bacteria, decomposition and rotting. Below are 5 wood types that are carrying such characteristics:

1. Teak

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Triconville’s Florida Series

Touted as the ‘King of Durable Wood’, Teak has all the aforementioned attributes and characteristics of a good durable wood that is used for an outdoor furnishings. It literally requires no maintenance aside from cleaning to remove surface dirt once in a while. The wood itself is resistant to decay, dense, straight-gained, repels water, doesn’t warp or crack over time, doesn’t shrink or swell, ages well and is able withstand heavy weight on it. Its high mineral content in Teak also meant that it is able to prevent rotting even the wettest conditions. Its tight grain and natural oils are some of the secrets within Teak wood for creating outdoor furniture that is always reflected on the hefty price tag in any outdoor furniture retailer.

2. Cedar

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When it comes to Cedarwe are looking at either the ‘Western Red Cedar Wood’ or the ‘Northern White Cedar Wood’. Cedar Wood can mostly be found in North America. Besides crafting it into a wooden outdoor furniture bench, it is also known to be made into boats and used for house siding. The resins that are prevalent in Cedar gives it a resistance for insect infestation and rotting. It also retains moisture which prevents it from drying over a long period of time and is lightweight. However, Cedar Wood requires yearly maintenance of sealing and cleaning so that the soft grain with Cedar does not roughen over time. Bear in mind that Cedar Wood is also relatively soft so any heavy pressure on it over time might cause it to dent more easily than other woods. When left in a natural state, the surface of Cedar Wood will weather into a silvery-gray patina over time.

3. Acacia

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Acacia can be found in many regions around the world and one of the most accessible wood in the market. People who are eco-friendly and are concerned about sustainability normally opt for this wood. Acacia is a dense and heavy wood that are also used to build boats and are renowned to withstand the elements. Outdoor durability is also a given with long-term durability. Most of the time by sealing it with oil, you will be able to retain the wood’s rich golden brown colour but otherwise, it will be prudent to leave it as a patio furniture as constant contact with dampness can discolour the wood.

4. Cypress

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Cypress is another stable wood that is able to withstand and shrinking or swelling. Throughout the seasons, Cypress wood will become silvery gray if left unfinished which is very similar to Cedar. Periodic maintenance with a coat of oil will make it more refreshed if you are looking towards making your Cypress outdoor furniture looking refreshed. One important aspect of Cypress is that it contains a natural preservative that allows it to be resistant to insect infestation and rotting which is also a common characteristic for durable wood when selecting your outdoor furniture.

5. Redwood

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Definitely not for the eco-friendly and our sustainability friends, Redwood is made of Sequoia and are in limited supply due to the lengthy time it takes to grow it. The sole purpose of their wood being chopped down in the foreseeable future due to their short supply are mostly to become an outdoor furniture for as long as this wood are harvested. The usual durable wood characteristics still stands with Redwood as being resistant to insect infestation, rotting, weather elements and being a sturdy contender with an ability of not shrinking or warping. However having said that, one should also be mindful that Redwood is also soft which puts it in a category of ‘Please do not put too much weight on me as I will be dented and scratched’. A coat of clear sealer will be recommended to enhance and protect it and yourself so that it will not stain your clothes with its natural tannin attribute that it possesses.

Choosing a durable wood outdoor furniture bench is definitely crucial if you are looking at a long-term investment for your outdoor furniture purchases. Setting your priorities is also important as the consideration of price, sustainability, eco-friendly, longevity and other aspects comes into play when selecting for your perfect outdoor furniture. Besides that durable aspect, a garden bench should also be aesthetically pleasant to the eye as well. As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.