• 14 December, 2015
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The functional aspect for good quality outdoor furniture is very important for many restaurant, café and hotel owners, which is dependent on material that is used.

The integrity of any outdoor seating especially when it comes to chairs is the use of superior material. Aluminium is a better choice for outdoor chairs because of its weight, durability, versatility and overall cost compared to other materials, including wood and steel.

1. Light in Weight

Aluminium is light in weight as such it is easily moved or carried, and is able to take stress and strain by typical user. Typical aluminium-made chairs weigh about a quarter than one that is made from steel, while lighter than hardwood-made chairs like teak. The lightweight nature makes any aluminium furniture cheaper to transport, making it easy to be handled by any user.

2. Strong & Durable

Aluminium-made chairs are also known to be strong and durable. Therefore it is the best material for outdoor chairs, as aluminium does not rust due to oxide layer on its surface. This enables the outdoors furniture to weather through the elements of rain, acidity and salinity, especially at a seaside setting.

3. Low Maintenance

Aluminium furniture keeps its finish and does not dry out or crack like wooden furniture when it is exposed to long periods of sunlight. Aluminium powder-coat finishes are easy to maintain and do not require periodic stripping and refinishing like wood requires.

(It is to note that the quality control is important: The manufacture of aluminium surfaces need to be uniformed and shiny in order to ensure the oxide layer is even, so that powder-coat finishing can be applied evenly and beautifully as well. Mondecasa has a dedicated factory in designing, engineering and manufacturing aluminium furniture.)

4. Versatile for Any Designs

More complex classical or modern chairs can be made because aluminium is a versatile material, where it can be extruded or cast into any consistent curves, shape or design in automated factory processes that do not require the time and labour intensive hand-crafting and finishing required for hardwood furniture.

Aluminium is an excellent choice of frame material for your outdoor furniture due to its elegant appearance, low maintenance requirements, ease of manufacture and competitive cost.

Mondecasa can manufacture top quality customised outdoor furniture using aluminium or stainless steel suitable for any outdoor patio of any restaurants, bars, bistro, hotels, resorts, cruise liners or even outdoor office gardens and balconies which can last for a longer time.

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