• 27 August, 2015
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Singapore, being the country with unpredictable weather sometimes require us to be very careful with the type of outdoor furniture that we purchase. Quality and durability are some characteristics that can handle the harsh blaring sun and the occasional rain during the monsoon season. Before deciding to purchase that wicker furniture that you have been eyeing on, it would be good to take note of some weather proofing characteristics.

1. Waterproof Furniture

Seoul Collection

Seoul Collection by Mondecasa

Naturally purchasing a waterproof furniture is a good way to start. However, most outdoor furniture in the market does not have that natural characteristics infused into their furniture. One other alternative is to go for materials that are made of aluminium frames with a resin mesh or going for a resin rattan material. Seoul Collection by Mondecasa comes with an aluminium made frame that goes along with the Rattan Material.

Another option is also to go for Teak material furniture which have an oil-based characteristic that are waterproof as well. That are also one of the most expensive wood furniture and does not crack over time but do take note when they are exposed to sun and rain over very long periods of time. You can also check out another blog post which highlights the durable wood benches.

2.  Treating your Outdoor Furniture

Kona Series

Kona Collection by Mondecasa

Without a doubt, some outdoor furniture require lesser treatment than others. However, no matter which furniture you purchase, you will still need to maintain it. Applying some good marine varnish once every two years on materials like rattan and wicker can help prolong their lifespan. Using hardwood sprays or waterproof lacquer helps to safeguard many other kinds of outdoor furniture as well.

3. Maintenance of your Outdoor Furniture

Manhattan Series

Manhattan Collection by Mondecasa

Besides treating your furniture to prolong the lifespan of the furniture and preventing rainwater from damaging the interior and exterior, maintenance to prevent air based dirt is also important. Whichever material you choose, maintenance is definitely necessary. For wicker material, you can wash it with either cold or warm water while metal materials can be used with warm water and soap to prevent it from rusting. Lastly for hardwood, sponge it once a year with the same warm water and soap.

Of course if you want to do as minimal maintenance as possible, another way is to use a PVC backed polyester or polyethylene cover which are also waterproof and cover your outdoor furniture when they are not in use. To avoid it completely, just hire a tradesman and do it for you.