• 16 February, 2016
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Having an outdoor lounge with a rooftop view is both a boon and bane for bars and restaurants. Although outdoor rooftop offers unique experiences of dining, it is also subjected to Singapore’s hot weather in the day. Therefore, unique outdoor furniture is needed for bars and restaurants with a rooftop view. This is to ensure diner capacity is maximized regardless whether it is a sunny day.

Here are some recommendations of furniture types for any outdoor lounge settings suitable for bars and restaurants.

1. Outdoor Shades


Antigua by Jardinico


Many outdoor bars and restaurants may not have enough shades for fear the outdoor shades would block the amazing view beyond.

However, with Jardinico’s outdoor umbrellas can be properly integrated into the design of your ambience. They can provide an interesting contrast and highlights of your outdoor setting, while maintaining the style and class of your place.

2. Outdoor Wicker Seating

 Mondecasa_Portofino Wicker 5812

Portofino Wicker by Mondecasa

Wicker seating are popular at many outdoor lounges as wicker are suitable for many modern patio style. Be it seating or armchairs, it s all-weather resistant, as they do not retain water. They are especially suitable for seaside outdoor lounges where salinity in the air is an issue.

3. Outdoor Sofa

Mondecasa_Loft 5340
Loft by Mondecasa

Outdoor sofa is the ultimate comfort for your customers, especially suitable for nightspots. Sofa fabrics can be customized for outdoor use with Sunbrella™ or Serge Ferrari Stamskin® with skin-like feel; both are water-proofed and are suitable for seating cushion.