• 29 October, 2015
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As much as we understand that Patio furniture is very durable, it will not last long if you do not take proper maintenance steps to ensure it’s longevity. Same logic applies for any furniture that you have but when it comes to outdoor furniture, most of us tend to spend lesser effort in maintaining it. Here are 5 proper care techniques to take note when taking care of your patio furniture:

1. Repair & Maintenance

In Singapore, one of the fortunate fact is that we are not exposed to the 5 season elements. Hence our patio furniture are not exposed to things like snow, excessive dust, etc. However even in our hot climate and unhealthy dust particles from one of neighboring country yearly, maintenance still has to be done. Start off with having your toolbox ready to inspect and check if there are any parts protruding out due to wear and tear or any chipped areas. Some of the areas to check are also the screws, nuts and the bolts to ensure that all are tightened and lubricated. Also dust off any trap dirt as patio furniture tends to be a sponge for dust especially in areas between the holes.

At the end of the day, you do not want to invite your guests to sit on your patio furniture that is both dirty as it will either dirty their clothes or pose a danger to them for an under maintained furniture. However if you are looking at weather proofing your furniture, you may want to visit our other blog post.

2. Revitalize your Upholstery Fabric 

If your outdoor furniture are made of outdoor fabric material, it will involve a little more hard work. To start off, it would be prudent to adhere to the maintenance and washing instructions from the manufacturer’s recommendations. Spraying a little multi-purpose cleaner on the fabrics and surface spraying them are much more recommended when having to deal with such fabrics as most often than not, these materials which are able to resist the harsh elements require specific care to maintain and can’t be washed too often. 

Stains are also quite problematic as well. Always make sure to wipe away any stain or dirt immediately to minimize any of it from sticking on the fabric long term. As much as possible, try to minimize any thorough washing. You may also want to know things to consider when purchasing outdoor furniture for a retailer here.

3. Rejuvenate the Furniture

Most of the times after doing all that repairing and cleaning, it still does not look as good as new. One of the final steps that you may want to take is to apply a fresh coat of paint to that patio furniture that have been around for ages and looking like it came out from a horror movie set. However before applying a fresh coat of paint, you will need to first remove any visible peeling paint with sandpaper. This will ensure that the furniture will not be coated with layers of old paint. However different strokes for different folks applies also to the different materials that you use when repainting it.

If your patio furniture is made of wood, do the primer on it first before painting so that the paint job will be sealed. Popular ones like Wicker and Rattan will be more suited for spray paint as there are many areas which are out of reach using the usual paint brush and it can also cover more unreachable areas. Do make sure that it covers those teeny weeny areas as well so that it will not be weird looking. Metal lovers can slab on those rust-inhibiting paint to prolong and rejuvenate that patio furniture. However if you are still unsure of which paint is suitable for your patio furniture, consult your paint supplier or an expert in this area to know which works best.