• 10 January, 2017
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Metal chairs, steel-wood (STW) chairs and more… metal chairs — these are the typical indoor furniture found in many cafés and restaurants nowadays. Yes, these metal chairs and STW chairs are sturdy and strong, but they are not necessary the best for your customers. Also, with these chairs seen commonly almost anywhere in Singapore, it is hard for your café or restaurant to differentiate from your competitors.

If you offer a lot of full meal choices for your menu, the strategic design for your dining area is to make dining ambience nice and comfortable with upholstered and fully cushioned dining seats.

This would allow customers to take time to choose their desired choice of food and drinks while justifying the price of your menu, which can enhance their dining experience and improve their overall satisfaction to re-visit your F&B establishment again.

Advanced Polyurethane Moulded Foam Chairs

To achieve both comfort and design for your dining places, Alma Plus brings you the Advanced Polyurethane (PU) Moulded Foam Chairs that can give you and your customers the the function and form everyone needs (featured image on top, from left to right: Mini, Siesta and Camelia).

sp-pumc-ace-circle-vitra-joyce-gabbana-640x480pxAdvanced Polyurethane Moulded Foam Chairs from Alma Plus
(Centre: Vitra, Clockwise from Top-Left: Ace, Joyce, Gabbana & Circle)

These advanced chairs has an integrated steel frame fully welded and is specially designed with injected PU foam (which is flame retarded) to make unique and unusual chair shapes. This is unlike most traditional PU chairs made with wooden frames and plywood. Its seat cushion is made with heavy-duty straps as seat bottom webbing to add its cushioning comfort. Its backrests are also ergonomically designed to conform the back of any user/customer.

sp-pumc-advanced-injected-pu-moulded-640x480pxInjected PU Moulded Foam integrated with Inner Steel Frames & Seat Webbings

Depending on the chair model, the Advanced Polyurethane Moulded Foam Chairs has various upholstery fabric selections of synthetic leathers or soft fabrics, chair leg materials (chrome, timber, steel or aluminum) and chair leg design options (disc, trumpet, sled or normal legs) to choose from. Certain chair models also has flexi-back feature.

 sp-pumc-viena-zoe-flexi-back-640x480pxViena & Zoe from Alma Plus have Flexi-Back Features

To find more Advanced Polyurethane Moulded upholstered chair models, please check out our latest Alma Plus Customized Bespoke Furniture Catalogue.

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