• 25 August, 2016
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Outdoor furniture for hotel should not be over-looked, as one of the biggest attractions being in Singapore is the tropical weather. The sunny days in Singapore are the times when most western tourists enjoy, whereby such weather are harder to come by from where they usually came from.

Outdoor Deck & Swimming Pool

Thus, outdoor sun loungers at outdoor decks or by the swimming pool are often a great draw for tourists and it is one of places that they really enjoy and have fun, cheering them up and bringing about customer satisfaction for hotels. Therefore, hotels often make substantial investments for their outdoor furniture by the pool or outdoor deck. Some like Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore (pictured above) value-add their service by investing in wicker sun loungers with quick-dry foam to provide for more comfort for their customers, which also allow for quick drainage of water during rainy days.

Alternatively, other than wicker sun loungers, sun loungers or deck chairs with sling can also provide the same sunny comforts with less worry about maintain the cushions.

Outdoor Areas & Gardens

Outdoor areas are also plus point for hotel especially when certain customers are not use to air-conditioned areas for too long. These are places that offer customers some sun as well as offer a space to contemplate about their daily business.

 Carlton Hotel 02
Mondecasa Wicker Armchairs at Carlton Hotel Singapore

Certain outdoor areas double up as hotel bars and restaurants’ outdoor dining areas. As hotel’s bars and restaurants requires capacity during meal times, it is particularly important for the bars and restaurants in hotels to have enough capacity to allow for all diners if possible, especially those who do not really like the air-condition.

Outdoor Dining Areas

Thus, it is important for outdoor dining areas to have outdoor umbrellas or shades to provide some protection from the sun and the surrounding elements such as falling leaves and etc.


Mondecasa Sling Armchairs with Outdoor Shade at The South Beach Singapore

Outdoor dining areas also provide for customer alternative options, especially for hotel restaurants, which allow for outdoor events such as weddings and parties. This allows hotel bars and restaurants to be more capable ready against nature and more competitive in securing business.



Mondecasa Sling Armchairs with Outdoor Umbrellas at The South Beach Singapore


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