• 15 August, 2016
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Being a tropical country like Singapore, the city offers dining experiences of both indoors and outdoors under both good and bad weather. Being a small country however, there are much more indoor restaurant space than outdoor. Thus, this has increased competitive for the attention of customers through fine cuisine, service and the appeal of interiors. This is particularly important for restaurants positioned for the higher income diners.

Wood-looking restaurant furniture can give indoor and outdoor restaurants the sophistication and feel of quality. However, to note, having the wood-looking indoor or outdoor furniture does not necessarily mean the furniture needs to be made of timber.    


Woodlook® by Sandler Seating – Aluminium Structure, Wood-looking Finishing

Sandler Seating’s Woodlook® collection is unique as it is manufactured from sturdy aluminum while maintaining an authentic wood appearance.

This unique collection offers exceptional durability with 15-year guarantee, tested for strength under ANSI/BIFMA tests. It is also water-resistant, light-weight and scratch-resistant with its the frame finish tested, exceeding 1,000 abrasions without any noticeable deterioration. The chairs are customizable to tailor to your needs.



Woodlook® by Sandler Seating – Stackable Side Chairs and Armchairs


Considering that Woodlook® it is the stronger and lighter alternative to conventional wooden models, it is suitable for indoor restaurants. Such durability will be reliable even on high duties as well. Woodlook® is also eco-friendly, as its aluminium material is recyclable.

Alma Plus Aluminium Furniture – Aluminium Structure, Wood-looking Finishing for Indoor and Outdoor

Alternatively, aluminium structure chairs with wood-looking finishes can be used for both indoor and outdoor settings of restaurants and cafés as long as they do not use indoor fabrics for upholstery.

 Alma-Plus-Aluminum-Chairs-Wood-FinishAluminum Chairs with Wood-looking Finish by Alma Plus

Alma Plus does offer aluminum chairs with wood-looking finishes to provide for owners with lower budget yet wishing to maximise their outdoor dining capacity.

Alma Plus Wooden Furniture – Timber Furniture for Indoor

In recent years, Malaysia became increasingly popular as a market leader for the supply of wood products especially high quality timber – Malaysian Oak, also known as Rubberwood (Hevea Brasiliensis) usually grown from trees grown in rubber plantations.

This timber is versatile and sturdy making it suitable for indoors. Malaysian Oak has very little shrinkage therefore making it one of the more stable materials to be made as wooden furniture such as chairs and tables.



DANA Dining Chairs by Alma Plus Wooden Furniture


However, Malaysian Oak is not suitable for outdoor use, as rain can leach the protective chemicals from the food, hence exposing it to fungus and insect attacks. Should it be exposed to excessive moisture, it will cause the wood to warp and rot.

Malaysian Oak is inexpensive and has a high quality and therefore it is a cheaper alternative to expensive timbers such as sandalwood, African Black wood and ebony, to name a few.


Timber Furniture for Outdoor – Triconville Teak Furniture

On the other hand, the natural option to choosing outdoor furniture would be timber wood. Be careful when selecting timber, as they might not fit into certain conditions. When choosing the right timber, one should consider the wood’s characteristics such as weather, rot-proof and durability.

Ideally, teak would be suitable for outdoor furniture as it is one of the hardest, strongest and most durable of all natural woods. Teak is against rot and is weather-resistant to the rigors of winter weather and summer temperatures. Therefore, with the harsh usage of restaurants, teak would be the perfect timber for both indoor and outdoor furniture.

Triconville’s Treant Teak Stackable Armchairs and Table for Outdoor

To maintain the teak, it can be treated with teak oil giving it an added protection against the elements of weather. If left outside, the exposed surfaces of the furniture will become a soft silvery grey in color. However, it does not affect the durability and performance of the teak. Teak can be expensive and sometimes hard to find or purchase, and there are a few substitutes for teak. However, these substitutes do not possess the unique qualities of teak.


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