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Private clubs nowadays are places for people to be entertained and relax, and also to portray their social status. The quality of any private club is determined not only by the club’s network of people of common social interests, such as business, charity or sporting activities, but also the club’s interior design and club furniture’s abilities to portray overall grandeur and affluence.

In the western world, successful entry into membership of private social clubs is an indicator of equal social status. The idea of all members are able to relax at the same setting confirms the idea of certain equality or equal social-economic status.

History of Club Chairs and Private Clubs

This attitude of private club was evolved from the gentlemen’s club scene in the 18th Century and has set the attitude between private clubs and social status (Some of these gentlemen’s clubs in Britain were so exclusively discreet and private or even raunchy that they were known as Hellfire Clubs!)


Traditional club chairs were known as fauteuil confortable or “comfortable armchair”.
(Images Courtesy by Didouner, fauteuil-club.info and leather-club-chair.co.uk licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 )

For the British gentlemen’s club culture has since spread across the world since with the rise of Pax Britannica, the influence under the British Empire, which defined not only the private club standards but also the club chair.

gasser-600-series-640x480pxModern British-styled club chairs – 600 Series from Gasser Chairs.

However, the classic club chair came from France, with its initial name called fauteuil confortable, or the “comfortable armchair”. The former was evolved from the age of renaissance’s fauteuil de style, which had more defined lines, and was less enveloping. gasser-admiral-series-640x480px

The Shipshape fauteuil de style – Admiral Series from Gasser Chairs.

In the Asian-Chinese context of social clubs, most evolved from collective or communal associations, such as village/clan associations. However, during times of political turmoil and overseas migration, secret societies formed as a “collective protection” group for its own members.

Most of the Chinese club chairs were classical wooden chairs with intricate Chinese style carvings, concurrent by generation with the western Art Noveau style of the 1910s. However, the Chinese clubs were gradually influenced by the more comfortable Western club chairs, which led to certain hybridization between East and West.

Still About Being Comfortable

The function from fauteuil confortable to the modern club chairs still has not changed; club chairs has to be exceedingly comfortable and durable because members has to be settled down and be relaxed in their spirits, before they wine and dine, and truly go about their real interests for times on end.


 gasser-metro-series-640x480pxSofa or couch are similar to traditional club chair but are made with more space,
modern upholstery fabrics and softer cushion than the past – Metro Series from Gasser Chairs.

For a private club to be unique, it has to get the style of its club furniture aligned in style with its equally exclusive interior design. Club chairs have to be crafted and upholstered with quality furniture materials and they have to be sustainable on the long-term and without much hidden costs for the club owners with its low maintenance. That is true high quality.alma-plus-sp-coco-dell-640x480px

Modern club chairs with metal sleight legs — Coco & Dell from Alma Plus range

Modern private clubs are not just any typical coffee houses, therefore the qualities of its furniture are usually beyond norms, and they have to be very accommodating for all members. Also, the demographic use of club chairs has changed, when private club are not just for gentlemen but also for ladies.





 alma-plus-sp-diva-640x480pxContemporary Modern Club Chairs — Diva from Alma Plus range

sandler-seating-shells-tonon-col-640x480px Sophisticated Modern Club Chairs Suited for Ladies — Shells from Sandler Seating


The styles may have evolved with more variety of materials and colors, but the functionality remains firmly focus on being comfortable if one wishes to truly define club chairs.

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