• 12 November, 2015
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At Mondecasa, we always believe in meeting the needs of our client organizations’ goals and values, including being part of their sustainability initiatives. Being eco-friendly and being green have become part of many corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals of many businesses. As more and more people are aware of their purchases towards the end of product life cycle whereby disposal can be an environment issue.

Using plastic materials has been a norm since the age of plastics and has been part of our daily life. Gradually, has also been synonymous as being damaging for the people and the environment. However, with improvement in technologies and research, sling material made from Serge Ferrari’s high quality Batyline® made using Précontraint Technology has been made sling material more eco-friendlier and durable to be use with any Mondecasa’s upholstered outdoor furniture

High Quality for Outdoor Casual Living


Ultramarine Sling Collection by Mondecasa

Quality plastic used on outdoors should not degrade short-term due to weathering. Mondecasa’s Prestige Line — Ultramarine Sling collection of chairs and lounges use Serge Ferrari’s highly quality durable Batyline® original from France as its mesh for quick dry comfort, and does not deteriorate being exposed moisture, heat and UV light.

Serge Ferrari Batyline® is extremely durable and flexible against wear-and-tear due to its Serge Ferrari Précontraint technology. As such, it is of high quality, consisting of a polyester fiber, which is covered by a coating of PVC that does not use phthalate plasticisers that may contribute to health complications, especially used on indoor furnitures.

Hygiene & Maintenance

As most outdoor furnitures’ uses are subject to public use and hygiene could be an issue. Batyline® is resistant to micro-organisms and anti-fungus. It is easily cleaned with soapy water.

Brilliant Colours

Mondecasa_Dynamic Sling

Dynamic Sling Collection by Mondecasa

Serge Ferrari Batyline® comes in ranges of red, blue, green, yellows and others variety of assorted colours. Our Dynamic Sling collection of chairs and lounge chairs use Serge Ferrari Batyline® for the colour brilliant for any style including those that advocates fun outdoor furnishings in the bright summer season.

100% Recyclable

serge ferrari batyline




Being by the pool, the sea or the green forest, Serge Ferrari Batyline® mesh is 100% recyclable and comes with a 5-year warranty and goes well with any nature themed settings, used with wooden finishing or even metals ones.

All Mondecasa products which comes with Serge Ferrari Batyline® mesh fabric is labelled with Sergio Ferrari trademark for quality assurance. Mondecasa is always here and ready to re-upholster your furniture with Serge Ferrari Batyline® for you. Find out more about our Mondecasa range of products and other quality product brands.