• 17 June, 2016
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These days, most businesses adopt an open-office concept to stimulate innovation and collaboration. However, as the open-office option became prevalent to business owners, employees began to feel the squeeze. On top of that, noise becomes a contributing factor to low productivity by the employees.

Sandler Office provides innovative office furniture such as the Cocoon, which is the perfect acoustic seating unit. Designed in such a way that it resembles a cocoon, it provides the much needed privacy and personal space for any user in busy environments. This product can be used for indoors, such as the office lounges, shared office or co-working spaces, pantry areas, hotel lobbies, or simply even home office.

Cocoon is fitted with 2 pieces of built-in 5W Bluetooth speakers (1-way Bluetooth) which allows the user to connect his/her mobile device to the speakers. Should it get too quiet in the Cocoon, just switch on your device and play your favourite music through the built-in Bluetooth speakers.


USB Charger, Bluetooth Speaker and LED Lights to enhance your “own private office space”

 Sandler-Office-Cocoon-Acoustic-Seating03Cocoon 101 by Sandler Office

It also comes with 3 pieces of LED lights, which are adjustable to set the ambience and for the user’s reading comfort. Not only that, Cocoon 102 comes with a USB Charger and rechargeable battery that are mounted on casters, whereas Cocoon 101 does not. Hence, Cocoon 102 and Cocoon 103 would fit the bill for office or home office use.




Cocoon by Sandler Office comes in Different Colours, Textures and Functions.

Cocoon is not only suitable for offices or home offices, but also suitable for hotel lobby giving it a contemporary and futuristic modern look. It also comes with a 6-year guarantee.

Designed by Danish Architect Carsten Buhl, Cocoon has soft and futuristic shapes. You are shielded from the hustle and bustle noise around you, hence instantly enhancing work experience.

 Sandler-Office-Cocoon-Acoustic-Seating063 Cocoon Configuration Recommended by Sandler Seating

On top of that, it comes with a bowed back cushion; providing you with the added comfort while you are doing work. The frames are made of wooden slats and 5mm polyether to ensure rigidity and stability when using the product.

In a nutshell, this carefully crafted product is mounted on discreet lockable casters for easy mobility whilst the segmented upholstery allows endless choices in colour and texture.


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