In Singapore, plastic chairs are generally perceived as less opulent due to the knowledge of the chairs being mass-manufactured on an industrial scale. However, plastic chairs, in particular, polypropylene (PP) chairs started off as a designer product through injection moulding, first designed and developed by Robin Day in 1963, the British classic and iconic Polyprop stacking chair.

Today, the use of PP chairs in interior design is widespread around the world as they are know for their commercial durability and suitable use for outdoor furniture. Well-designed contract plastic furniture not only encompassing the functional exploitations of the material in terms of forms and colours, but also differentiating a style to fit into the ambience of your cafés, restaurants and hotels.

Grosfillex offers enduring modern PP chairs designs for both indoor and outdoor furniture use, that are able to cater to your design needs and purchase plans.


Moon Chairs & Armchairs


 Grosfillex_Moon_Chairs & Armchairs


Moon Chairs and Armchairs from Grosfillex


Grosfillex’s Moon is a modern and up-to-date designed polypropylene seat reinforced with fiberglass for the additional load bearing properties, improving surface appearance and rigidity. Available in selected colours with either armrest or without, you can also have cushion for added comfort.


White Moon Chairs from Grosfillex are suitable for Outdoor


Moon is not only suitable for indoor settings of cafés, restaurants and no-frills hotels, but also suitable as outdoor garden furniture or even by the poolside or seaside, good for outdoor events like outdoor weddings, especially when the chairs are in white (no worries that they are white and be stained simple spills as they are easily cleaned).

The Moon chairs and armchairs are also resistant to the elements rain or shine, and are stackable for ease of storage. These are many reasons makes Grosfillex’s PP chairs a good and long-term investment for your cafés, restaurants and hotels.

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