• 3 March, 2017
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Sometimes, certain patterns can create very distinctive look for any restaurants, cafés or even hotel lounges. Simplicity and consistency use of the particular element of shape and pattern over and over throughout the interior design is key. Vertical lines communicate loftiness and spirituality, which inspire people to reach out for new heights or hedge against risks of the low.

Use of outdoor furniture with vertical lines can further reinforce interior ambient cues and emphasize the spirituality mood any interior design. Due to difficulty of manufacturing however, special attention needs to be made for this style of furniture. These outdoor furniture need to be quality made for comfort and durability, while maintaining the consistency opf the vertical lines without sagging or rust. Furniture structure or frames needs to be coated with powder coating that is meant for the outdoor weather.

Here are some outdoor furniture that has a style of focus on vertical lines:

Mondecasa Spaghetti Dining Armchairs

The Mondecasa Spaghetti Dining Armchairs has been gaining popularity as more users demand more modern look as oppose to the common outdoor furniture. This design provides for visual volume of the furniture while suggesting the airy openness of the outdoors in its background. It is made lightweight with aluminum frame and powder coated, while its vertical lines are styled with canvas ropes.

Alma Plus Alcatraz Outdoor Dining Table


The Alma Plus Alcatraz Outdoor Dining Table is an art piece that can stand strong on its own. As its name suggests, its design is inspired after San Francisco City’s infamous outlying island that formerly held a high-security prison that put the more hardened criminals behind bars. The dining table base is made with iron powder coated topped with teak surface and it able to make space for 6 diners.

Alma Plus Dieng Teak Outdoor Armchair

The Alma Plus Dieng Teak Outdoor Armchair ensures anyone whom sits on it feels like a throne. Its teak body provides a luxurious feel and stability while its chair legs made with iron provides strength. For the comfort, you can have cushions for its seat and back, where you can choose alternative colour to highlight its royal outdoor presence.

Alma Plus Ruji Outdoor End / Side / Coffee Tables

The Alma Plus Ruji Outdoor End / Side / Coffee Tables looks like they are suitable for any hospitable setting. The table bases’ are skillfully made and assembled piece by piece; they are welded with iron rods and topped off with fiberglass top. Its round circumference allows the table to be easily moved around without worry that it will break easily; a testament to its durability.


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