• 22 October, 2015
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Casinos in Las Vegas understand better than most other businesses out there that the key to success in the most competitive business environment is all about making sure that your customers are as happy as humanly possible with every expectation met and exceeded.

Casinos the world over also understand that it is critically important to pay attention to comfort when they at their casinos enjoying a game of black jack or poker. Comfortable seats are something all gaming enthusiasts and diners really appreciate and with Gasser, we have the finest. Every details and every construction is made to perfection for utmost comfort and durability.

Everything – ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING – contributes directly to the experience that your customers and your guests are going to have when visiting your casinos, bars, restaurant chains, banquet venues and convention centers, it is up to you to make sure that no detail is overlooked. We take care of the seats for you.

This is why it is so critical that you choose the very best casino chairs, club chairs, restaurant chairs, café chairs, banquet chairs and barstools for your venue. After all, the visitors to Las Vegas aren’t exactly going to be spending every moment up on their feet – but are in fact going to be spending a considerable amount of time sitting down, laying down and lounging around.

Mondecasa offers you Gasser Chairs, a leading manufacturer of furniture chairs delivered to casinos, banquet halls and conference centers all over the world. We offer the finest quality options, you are your operation that most appreciate the quality seating, which Mondecasa can provide for both your indoor and outdoor furniture needs.


Prelude Series by Gasser

Gasser Chair offers the highest craftsmanship and materials that our furniture is so comfortable and durable to used that many keep them in operation for the longest time. Mondecasa is committed to offer the best service standard to match the quality Gasser furniture. We know Casinos customers in Las Vegas are so comfortable with Gasser furniture that many spend days playing their games at the tables or hours enjoy and lazing around with their drinks and cocktails at their cafes, restaurants and bar.

Gasser has a long history and we are reputed for our quality and customer service that is second to none in the industry, so much so that Gasser furniture does not consider themselves a furniture company – but instead a customer service company that make furniture a service.


SB93 Series by Gasser

Mondecasa and Gasser believe customer is King and we provide Gasser Furniture that is so comfortable and durable which all Kings appreciates.

If you are interested in making sure that your visitors keep coming back for more, let Mondecasa and Gasser takes care of your furniture requirement. We have the best casino gaming chairs, club chairs, and restaurant chairs, banquet chairs, barstools, and jackpot stools to satisfy your operational requirement that will exceed your expectation. Not only your expectations but also your customers – Kings expectations. Let us surprised you and try out our chairs and we are confident you will be very pleased with the experience.

Furniture Singapore 140

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