Japanese restaurants and cafés has been part of Singaporean taste buds for the longest time. From ramen shops, sushi bars to Japanese grill and teppanyakis, diners are spoilt for choice.

This also meant that Japanese restaurant/cafés operators have to up their game by coming up with new concepts against the ever-evolving competition in the F&B industry not only in terms of food concepts but also interior design and comfort.

These meant investments in well-designed furniture in bringing about customer satisfaction but also durable for lasting commercial use. Here is some suggestions of Japanese-styled furniture for indoor use that we have:




To-Kyo by Sandler Seating

To-Kyo from Sandler Seating is designed by Makio Hasuike and is inspired by the traditional design of the Japanese Torii Gate, matching to the To-Kyo’s wooden frame. To-Kyo comes with two heights of To-Kyo 1.0 and 1.1, catering to restaurant and café needs respectively, whereby the latter usually require lower seating.

It has available choices of beech shades for wood finishes, and has wide options of camira, vinyls or suede for seat fabrics. To-Kyo is highly customisable and is fitting for any traditional Japanese-style settings to modern contemporary look.


STW Chair


STW Chairs by Alma Plus

Although some Japanese restaurants and cafés prefer chairs with entirely wooden frames, it is possible to use chair with steel and wooden frames. The use of natural or walnut beech colours for STW Chairs’ legs, seat and backing can infer a touch of the orient’s affinity with nature.

Alma Plus by Mondecasa is able to bring you to affordable and quality STW Chairs for any restaurant and café.




Baba by Sandler Seating

Baba from Sandler Seating designed Sergio Mian also offer variety of beech shades for wood finishes for its seat and backing. Its frame has the options of metal finish of polished chrome, matt chrome, aluminum painted, or matte black painted.

Baba chairs are designed to be stackable, up to 8 chairs, giving you storage solution when you needed the much-needed space for group events. The Baba design also has stool seats suitable for sushi bars.


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