• 24 January, 2017
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The festive season for lunar New Year celebrations is here. For East Asians, particularly the Chinese, red is a must-have highlight for the seasonal furnishing, which includes outdoor furniture. Red is also passionate color. Therefore, it is also suitable for the upcoming season of love during the Valentine’s.

Jardinico is known for its quality outdoor parasols and umbrellas, but the Belgian brand has also unique outdoor furniture and interior furnishings fitting for the coming season of red.

Jardinico Project Outdoor Lounge Mattress


Jardinico Project Outdoor Lounge Mattress is from Jardinico Project Collection and it can be highly customized for your needs. The well finished wooden bed base, and quality upholstered mattress and red cushions with outdoor fabrics from Sunbrella®, the outdoor mattress is a beacon for couples and family to cuddle and chill under the passionate sun on the beach. With the right advice and accessories, the ambience of your hospitality settings can look stunning day or night.

Jardinico Project Cushions


Be it outdoor cushions or bolster, Jardinico Project can offer wide variety of red colored tones and patterns to upholster your outdoor cushions or bolster. Using quality Sunbrella® outdoor fabrics, choose from colors/patterns Paprika, Paris Red, Logo Red, Porto Rossa, Cranberry and Garnet to paint your outdoor town red.

Jardinico Flow Wakiki


The Jardinico Flow collection is the outdoor umbrella range suited for the beach or coastal front living. Even though the Jardinico Flow Wakiki is a Hawaiian-styled outdoor parasol with a circular, polyester-made canopy, its make and shape can be seen as East Asian.

With the right landscape design in its brilliant red color, it can bring about the festive feel for the lunar celebrations. Bring out the oriental

Jardinico Attitude Tiki Push-Up+


If a more modern contemporary look of outdoor parasol is desired, Jardinico Attitude Tiki Push-Up+ can provide for the same ambient passion of red. With its easy to push-up mechanism, the magnodraulic® system, keeping its canopy and opening for shade has never been easier. It is 100% acryl-made and is able to hold up against 29-38km/h on its central pole support.


Download our latest Jardinico Attitude Catalogue and Flow Catalogue.

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