• 5 November, 2015
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Mondecasa’s philosophy and thoughts is always bringing indoor furniture to our customers that are beautiful, charming, and warm, that is of quality, international recognition when its purpose should come out of design and passion. Customers deserve the best and should have the opportunity to enjoy furniture that reflects art in its design and functionality. Reflected in our handcrafted artistry, put to the test with environmentally friendly raw materials. Products that are delivered to you in exceptional quality are the modern contemporary chairs that make up the Sandler Seating line.

Sandler Seating has helped to revolutionize how modern contemporary furniture is seen at many hotels, restaurants, private clubs and even office buildings and lobby seating. Speaking towards a desire to bring together elements of the house with comfort and style, Sandler Seating has never waivered on its goal to unite form and function. A diversified modern contemporary design set allows for innumerable application of chairs and tables throughout the house, bring to the forefront style at its best.


Kicca by Sandler Seating

As always, whether you are buying contemporary dining chairs or modern contemporary tables, you are assured of their durability, longevity, and quality. Continuing this trend with every addition to the line, Sandler Seating has only improved upon these traits with its latest offerings.

There are a range of shapes, sizes, colors, and types to choose from. With each item carefully considered, only the best products make it through stringent requirements. The end result is a modern contemporary that stands in front of the pack and is unwilling to compromise.


General Catalogue INSIDE-revised2_GMG.pdf, page 100 @ Preflight

New Orleans by Sandler Seating

The needs of an individual are as complex and as varied as art itself. Our artistic expression is reflected in our needs and plays out through what we select to surround ourselves by. With a mission to bring about sanctuary and tranquility even in the most chaotic of urban environments, Mondecasa strives to reflect your needs through the range of Sandler Seating offered. Embodied by function and emboldened by design, the modern contemporary chairs offered here work well in a range of distinctive settings. Adding a harmony rarely seen in august furnishing Sandler Seating will make your live feel like a home. So take a look around and if you have any questions please let us know. After your modern contemporary furniture arrives, you will be glad you did.

You can seek advice and enquiries from our experienced sales consultants to know more about Sandler Seating’s outdoor furniture, modern contemporary chairs, contemporary modern tables, contemporary dining chairs, modern dining chairs which are suitable for any restaurants, cafés, offices, lobby areas or even homes.


Furniture Singapore Sandlerseating


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