• 13 December, 2016
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Luke warm sun is out and yet you do not wish to get on to your balcony, as you do not want to get yourself expose to the sunshine? It would be a shame not have a small little afternoon tea break within your home ground simply because you do not have a small outdoor umbrella.

It is either a bad investment decision in investing a lifestyle home with a balcony or a lack of investment on this key outdoor furniture. After all, one deserves a short break at your own balcony after baking pastries at your own outdoor home.

Jardinico outdoor umbrellas has the simple solution all in one, not just against the sun, but also against the wind and rain for you. For small outdoor umbrellas, as a general guide, it should be less than 300cm in length to fit within your balcony to avoid violating residential management rules.

Small outdoor umbrellas are that additional furniture to make all your invested time and money worthwhile. Here are some of them:

Jardinico Attitude Tiki Push-Up+


Jardinico Attitude’s Tiki Push-Up+’s key advantage is its easy to push-up mechanism its new magnodraulic® system. Its 100% acryl-made square cover has the options of either 200cm or 230cm all sides, with flexible rib ends and is able to hold up against 29-38km/h winds held on its 38mm shiny anodized central pole.

What’s more, it comes with black, gris nature (light gray), taupe or natural (white) colors, which can certainly match up to your outdoor balcony living.

Jardinico Caractére JCP.101


The Jardinico Caractére JCP.101 is similar to Jardinico Attitude Tiki Push-Up+, but it has more character and it is more customizable.

You can customize its central pole in either silver anodized, white or charcoal colors and you can also customize its canopy colours in natté white, natté graumel, apricot or natté dark taupe. The Jardinico Caractére JCP.101 is

The Jardinico Caractére JCP.101 comes with the same features of easy push-up magnodraulic® system, made of Sunbrella® top-quality outdoor fabric, in square shape of either 200cm or 230cm all sides with flexible rib ends.

Jardinico Flow Collection

The Jardinico Flow collection is our outdoor umbrella range suitable for the beach or coastal front living. It has more variety of polyester-made canopy shapes and exciting colors to choose from.

Jardinico Flow Bonair Push-Up+


The smaller Jardinico Flow Bonair Push-Up+ models has the same easy to push-up magnodraulic® system. Its central pole is aluminium-made and finished with powder coated.

For the 250cm diameter hexagonal canopy model, which can be tilted, it comes in black, celeste blue, chili red, natural (white), taupe or willow (green) canopy colors. Its central pole can be finished with anthracite (dark gray). While for the 200cm / 240cm square length model, are only in natural (white) colour and its central pole is finished with white color.

Jardinico Flow Wakiki


The Jardinico Flow Wakiki is a Hawaiian-styled classic, with a circular canopy. It comes with exciting colors: for the white finished central pole model, it come with either aruba (teal), chili red, fuchsia (pink), natural, purple, willow or yellow canopy colors. For the anthracite finished central pole model, it comes only in taupe canopy color.

Jardinico Flow Riviera

For those looking for oblong-shaped (rectangular) canopy, you can look at Jardinico Flow Riviera. Its canopy is 200cm by 300cm and can be tilted. Canopy colors available are black, deep grey, natural or taupe for central pole in silver anodized. There is a full white colour Riviera outdoor umbrella available with natural (white) canopy and white finished central pole.


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