• 7 January, 2016
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Mondecasa brings you Sandler Seating, a respected brand name in furniture design. Its latest collection, the Groove Collection is designed to meet the needs of bars, cafés, restaurants and hotels who requires modern contemporary furniture. Those who want functional design with style and comfort will find the Groove Collection suitable for any modern hospitality settings and themes.

This modern collection features modern, sculptural pieces which are practical and durable. Pieces from the Groove Collection include stackable chairs, stools and lounge chairs. These pieces are designed and manufactured in Italy and they come in a wide array of finishes. Designed to be upholstered, customers may choose from an array of appealing fabrics and leather coverings.

Sandler Seating provide fabric and leather covering firms in order to offer its customers a wide selection of fabric and leather options.

Crafted from solid beech, pieces from the Groove Collection are created with great attention to detail, with eco-friendly materials and processes.




One highlight from the collection is the Pop chair, which features minimalist design. It is a beech chair with clean lines and it may be ordered in an array of colors, such as robin’s egg blue or mustard as a leather or fabric color choice will give the chair a bit of retro style.




Another impressive piece from this collection is the Eggy chair. This unique design features a classic chair seat and chair legs, along with a unique backrest which features an oval shape. The egg-shaped motif on the backrest gives the chair sculptural style. Different color choices are available, from peach with cream upholstery to monochrome turquoise to basic black to cream.




Clients who want club chair styles will probably like the Eleanor, which has designs as a standard chair, single armchair and double seated sofa. The design features a veneered back and frame and a beech or oak veneer may be selected. This sturdy design also comes with an upholstered seat.

Sandler Seating has certainly designed the Groove Collection as an interesting range of contemporary dining chairs which offer a good blend of comfort and style. These modern dining chairs are designed to improve the aesthetics of cafés, bars and restaurants.

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