• 9 September, 2016
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Most restaurants typically opt for classical designed hospitality chairs, especially if they are made of wood. However, such designs can be monotonous and unsurprising to diners, making them feel that the restaurant is just like any other dining restaurants.

Commonly seen restaurant indoor furniture makes any diner less receptive to the overall ambience of service, and can reduce the perceived hospitality quality when compared against other restaurant competitors. This is simple consumer psychology accordingly science; classical conditioned to ignore repetitive design.

Wood + Upholster with Variety of Fabric Materials

Dining armchairs should use natural material such as wood for its frame and particularly, the armrests to give the touch of sophistication and visual edge. This helps compel diners’ mindfulness of your restaurant’s good quality.

To value-add your restaurant’s quality even more, consider restaurant chairs with upholstered seat and seat back. These not only improve the sitting comfort but also allow for upholstery of more variety of fabric materials in terms of colours and textures.

This make upholstered wooden dining chairs attractive assets to engage senses of look and feel of any diners.

The Montbel Collection

The Montbel Collection from Sandler Seating uses natural material, and is tailored out of solid wood. Forms and surfaces are enriched with genuine fabrics and coloured anilines, enacting a style to make it ever different and personal.

Montbel Collection are designer tailored furniture made with quality selected duramen, quality processed and materials.

From choosing the duramen of solid timber to selecting the raw materials, there is always consistent thought and care into prototypes and making of the upholstery. The production processes are done in-house, handled by a network of professionals, while conforming to the strictest quality norms. Montbel tailor Italian-made hospitality furniture with its unique manufacturing process.

Garbo by Antonio Minervini

Garbo by Antonio Minervini is from The Montbel Collection is recognized of it quality, winning as one of the Honoree for Interior Design Event at the 2016 HiP Awards at NeoCon 2016.


Garbo — Honoree at the 2016 HiP Awards at NeoCon 2016.

Garbo is a timeless assortment, appropriate for the modern contract market. The wisely processed upholstery envisions also an originally quilted backrest, providing for visual asymmetry on its own, adding its artistic design value.

Garbo comes with or without its unique quilting at the cushioned chair back.

It can be made with standard finishes and fabrics, or customers own design materials, allowing for variety of colours to catch the eye of any end user or diner.

For more information, download our catalogue on The Montbel Collection 2016 Catalogue from Sandler Seating, or contact us for more information.

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