• 24 February, 2017
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At the present moment, the most popular modern, indoor and outdoor furniture for the casual restaurants and cafés right now are the steel and STW (steel and wood) chairs. The reasons for their popularity are because they are durable and strong, yet practical and low cost. Making them a steal in purchasing them, as they are widely available in stock.

However, the downside is that for aesthetics wise, they portray almost the same look for many casual restaurants and cafés, which can make your F&B establishment, look just like the same as anywhere else.

All too familiar — The typical STW and Steel Chairs you see anywhere are available from Alma Plus.

If you are looking restaurant chairs that are very different, then steel and STW chairs may not be suitable for you. However, this typical chairs work aesthetically for any F&B establishment if the interior designer allow for a creative mix of various furniture models or powder coated colors.

To note, if you are looking for something in large quantities but at a limited budget, Alma Plus can bring you the steel and STW chairs that are not just the contemporary designs that you usually see anywhere, but also unique and new designs which can be suitable for certain themes especially for outdoor bars, ice cream parlors and dessert shops.

Let’s look at some unique models from our STW collection for furniture made from steel:

Alma Plus SI62 Outdoor Chair

 The SI62 outdoor chair from Alma Plus is probably a ladies’ favourite. Fully made from steel and powder coated to gloss. This chair is looks great in pink or black, which made it highly suitable for dessert shops that provide for any one with a sweet tooth. It is also suitable for casual cafés or restaurants that serves afternoon tea. They are also stackable.

Alma Plus SI52 & SI53 Indoor Chairs

The indoor SI52 chair and SI53 high chair from Alma Plus are both made to be in a same classy style. It is suitable for bars and restaurants looking for something classy yet simple. Suitable for small restaurant and bar, which cater for wedding events, don’t you think?

Alma Plus SI09, SI10 & S11 Outdoor Chairs

The Alma Plus SI09, SI10, & SI11 outdoor chairs look surprisingly familiar, yet there are not the same. Most of the chairs you see in the style as above are made of wood. However, we have them made in steel and coated them in a variety of colors, making them more strong and sturdy than the wooden ones, and probably last longer, especially they can be stacked (and unstacked) for between use and storage.


Wait no longer. If you are looking for durable steel chair and STW chairs, check out our latest Alma Plus STW furniture catalogue today.

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