• 5 August, 2015
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When it comes to buying outdoor furniture, Rattan Material Outdoor Furniture would definitely be one of your choices in your list. Whether if you are looking for durable, light and affordable outdoor furniture, Rattan will definitely fit the bill for most people. Being one of the strongest woods in the world, it is no wonder that Rattan is a popular choice. Below are 5 reasons why Rattan is so popular nowadays:

Outdoor Furniture

   Hawaii Series by Mondecasa Singapore

1. Stylish Design that blends to your Outdoor Space

Without a doubt, the design of Rattan Outdoor Furniture always have this specific woven texture and exotic appearance that are often times appealing to majority of the consumers that are looking for Outdoor Furniture and its stylish design. Having to add various accessories to the Rattan furniture can also enhance the appearance of your outdoor space.

Outdoor Furniture

Kona Series by Mondecasa Singapore

2. Versatility

Comparing to Indoor Furniture, Rattan Outdoor Furniture can blend into most indoor spaces just fine. The lightweightedness of the furniture and its aesthetics makes it a versatile piece of furniture that works with spaces of all types and styles in most locations whether if its indoor or outdoor. Whether if you decide to place it next to the pool, indoor in your dining area, near a garden or even on your balcony, it will still look as stunning. It basically just fits to any landscape.

 Outdoor Furniture

Las Vegas Collection by Mondecasa Singapore

3. The Advantage of being light and strong

Ever the heard the saying that having a heavy furniture equals to a strong and sturdy piece? Well Rattan Furniture definitely proves otherwise with its lightweightedness and strong characteristics. This rare pairing makes it one of the popular reasons people go for Rattan Furnitures. Being light means it is easier to shift around your living space without hurting your back and the cost of maintaining or replacing it will not be substantial. 

Outdoor Furniture

Long Island Collection by Mondecasa

4. Easy to Maintain

Comparing to other wood furniture in the market, Rattan Furniture scores full marks when it come to the simplicity of maintaining it. All you need is a soft cloth that is moistened with any regular dish washing liquid to wipe the surfaces and a small brush to take out the dirt between the gaps and you are good to go. Such minimal maintenance coupled with the durability or Rattan Furniture can go a long way.

Outdoor Furniture

Tahiti Collection by Mondecasa

5. Plentiful of Design Varieties

With its ability to bend into any shape and sizes after undergoing a bending process, Rattan is able to conform to almost any shape and sizes that caters to most consumers looking for their preferred design. The popularity and the demand for Rattan Furniture have also made the manufacturers to create an endless variety of shapes and sizes. 

What is not to like about Rattan Furniture? Light, sturdy, affordable, easy to maintain, value for money and not to forget that it is eco-friendly makes it one of the popular choices for consumers make Rattan Furniture the centerpiece of your outdoor or indoor living spaces.