• 9 November, 2016
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As the year of 2016 is coming to an end, let us look at Mondecasa’s 5 most popular picks for outdoor furniture. Some are the classic usual suspects. Most are not only popular with the end users whom took them back to their private homes and condominiums, but also for hotels and property management, whom care deeply about quality of the outdoor furniture they chose.

These top popular picks were chosen not only because their good looks but also the comfort and functionality they offer, in terms of the colors and the material meant for outdoor furniture.

Here is the 5 most popular picks for outdoor furniture in 2016:

1) Rhodes Outdoor Dining Armchairs


Rhodes Outdoor Dining Armchairs are Mondecasa’s most popular outdoor dining sling or mesh fabric armchairs. They are popular especially with condominiums’ common communal facilities, especially at outdoor dining areas, BBQ pit areas and pool sides.

Being comfortable and lightweight are part of the reasons that they are popular, which makes them easy to transfer into indoor function rooms. What’s more, the sling fabric is available in varied colors. They are easily washed and cleaned, yet replaceable by re-upholstering, if they are ever damaged by accident.

Best of all, even the heaviest rainwater cannot be retained and will be dried quickly after any wet weather.

2) Dinosaur Egg Outdoor Lounge Chair


The Dinosaur Egg Outdoor Lounge Chair is a true class of its own that’s love at first sight for many end user-customers walking into our outdoor furniture showroom. The common feedbacks are that they are especially sturdy and inviting with its modern looks made with sling. Added seat cushion and pillow, it is made even more comfortable.

An outdoor furniture highly suitable and popular for any balcony or even in indoor living room for any person wishing to enjoy its comfort for a coffee break or a glass of wine. No wonder hotels like Marina Bay Sands also chose it for its outdoor area.

3) Jamaica Standard Outdoor Sofa Set


The Jamaica Standard Outdoor Sofa Set is made with wicker and is the ultimate outdoor sofa set standard used by many condominiums in Singapore. It is popularly used in indoor areas such as functions rooms or common waiting areas, yet it is mean for outdoor.

The tightly weaved and lasting wickerwork of the Jamaica Standard Outdoor Sofa Set is definitely worth the wait for any property to have such a worthy asset for their hospitality setting.

4) Tahiti Outdoor Double Day Bed


The Tahiti Outdoor Double Day Beds made with wicker not only makes visual volume of any outdoor landscape, but make them inviting to any users to take up this double bliss under the sun. It is the best outdoor sun bed for couples who wishes to enjoy the kisses of the sun. the Tahiti Outdoor Double Day Beds are popular with outdoor hotel pool sides and even on cruise ships!

Brighten up the hospitality environment with options of colorful outdoor fabrics for the bed or simply use colorful pool towels laid neatly on it.

5) Las Vegas Outdoor Sofa Set


Admit it, the Las Vega Outdoor Sofa Set is good not just for outdoors, but they also look good for the indoors. Made with wicker, it is highly suitable for outdoor wine and dine areas of restaurants and bars. They are also great by the poolside or seaside areas as well. It is no wonder The Fullerton Bay Hotel has chosen these outdoor sofa set at the grand view of the Marina Bay waters.


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