• 5 October, 2016
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By Jeff Leong


A lot of common outdoor furniture in Singapore are made with wicker. Wicker outdoor furniture are generally more expensive because the wicker furniture’s weaving are suppose to be handcrafted, which is more time-consuming by hand, and in a way, are an art itself.

For outdoor wicker furniture, besides the use of stainless steel structure or aluminum frames, one of the most important features is the wicker weaving. Wicker weaving not only provides the colors and textures, good quality wickerwork gives the furniture durability and comfortable feels.

The Retail Market

Most of the retail outdoor wicker furniture in the market is relatively lower priced than commercial ones. A full set of retail wicker outdoor furniture (say 4 armchairs, round table and an outdoor umbrella) can still reach to a thousand dollars or more as a package price.

Yet these retail wicker outdoor furniture just doesn’t feel right; the wicker weavings are often loose and can “bite” into bare skin.

For a first-timer, it is often hard to see the quality you are investing in for a long-term use for your outdoor setting of your comfortable private home until the problem of fraying and irritancy after a short time of use later.

To help buyers from getting poor quality outdoor wicker furniture, here are 3 easy tips to test the quality of the wicker weavings of the outdoor furniture you are going to buy.



Tip #1: Picking the Wicker Weaving

The fact is the thread of a well-handcrafted and tightly weaved wickerwork cannot be easily picked. While poorly handcrafted weaving’s threads are loose and easily picked out using fingers, which will also fray over time.

Try picking the wicker weaving’s different threads randomly to see if you can pick any thread up with your fingers. If the wicker thread is even be able to cut your fingers with this small test, stay away from it!


Tip #2: Pressing the Wicker Weaving

Because a good wicker weaving is handcrafted by weaving and pulling the threads tight and closely to each other as possible, pressing down on a good wicker weaving, you will feel there are both tension and firmness; with more “bounce” and you will observe that it will recover back to its original good condition.

On the other hand, for a poorly done wicker weaving, you will feel there is looseness and poor tension with slower recovery and “bounce”.


Tip #3: Sit or Lie Down on the Wicker Weaving

Be it a wicker sun lounger or an armchair, a well-tensioned wicker weaving should not “bite” on your bare skin when you lie or sit down. For ladies whom love their skin, this will be a big no. You should also feel safe about its internal structure.



Outdoor Wicker Furniture by Mondecasa

In conclusion, you may be attracted by the prices of retail outdoor wicker furniture, but for something that is handcrafted and has to be subjected to weathering of sun or rain, you should know what to see and what you are paying for.

After all, furniture indoor or outdoor are your assets and not an expense; only the smartest will see the real value of their money invested over time.


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