• 5 September, 2016
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Restaurant furniture is one of the important aspects to any restaurant proposing its uniqueness other than its food and beverage; it is part of any restaurant service environment to set customer expectations by providing style and comfort through look-and-feel without a word from your service staff.

There is usually more emphasize on the variety in terms of texture and colors of fabric material for indoor furniture compare to outdoor furniture. Apart from the appropriate style of look and materials for restaurant indoor furniture, which will improve the restaurant ambience, one of the most basic questions is how to balance between maximizing seating capacity to that of the room for comfort.

Therefore, the first questions for any restaurant owner to ask are those relating maximizing seating capacity, the amount of floor space and the amount of furniture and space that they are using.

1. How Much is Your Dining Area?

Base on the assumption that dining area is where the moneymaking section, it should comprise of most of total area versus that of the kitchen, storage and preparation areas which should take up the remainder space. As a basic rule of thumb, the ratio should be 60-to-40 for the dining area to the rest of the areas.

2. How Much Restaurant Table Space is needed?

Based on The Metric Handbook by David Adler (Table I: Space Allowances, Page 18-2), it is suggested each diner requires an area between 1m2 to 2m2 (and a minimum seating width of 58cm). A fast-casual restaurant, which wishes to maximize capacity, should use smaller square tables at about 1m2. While fine dining restaurants with widely spaced tables should work up to 2m2.

Alma Contract Dining Chairs with Tables using about 1
m2 Space for
Fast-Casual Restaurants like Poulet at Changi Airport Terminal 3.


Alma Contract Dining Chairs with Tables Angled at 45-Degree
at Artemis Bar & Grill Singapore.

By using smaller tables and arranging them at 45-degree angle, such layout can increase table capacities and provide more visual room.

3. How Much Spacing doe the Restaurant Dining Chairs Use?

A restaurant chair in use extends around 45cm from a table and another minimal 45cm in between spacing off the back of dining chair to avoid customers being bumped by service staff and to allow room for diner to push back their dining chairs

High-End Restaurants like the Fratelli – Trattoria and Pizzeria at Resorts World Sentosa
will always allow for Plentiful Spacing Behind their Dining Chairs, that are made by Alma Contract.

Usually, the design of the back legs of dining chairs should not extend beyond the backrest of the chair.

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(We would like to thank Artemis Bar & Grill Singapore, Poulet and Fratelli – Trattoria and Pizzeria for the photo opportunities of their wonderful establishments. )